GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

U.S. Mail: Postmaster General warns of rising postal rates (Report)

U.S. used car prices are dropping (Report)

U.S. Presidential election: New movie reports research full of surprises (Report)

 Afghanistan: Women ordered to cover faces in public (Report)

The U.S. Economy: COVID-boosted federal benefits contributing to unfilled jobs (Article)

Surveillance: Does anyone anywhere believe governments aren’t tracking everyone at will? (Report)

Ukraine: NATO support update (Article)

U.S. presidential election: State takes down voter list upon release of vote fraud documentary (Report)

COVID Vaccination: 3 countries’ data point to AIDS disorder resulting from shots (Report)

More COVID vaccination: Significant increase in serious heart problems (Report)

U.S. Power Grid: Fossil/Nuclear sources being abandoned faster than alternatives provided (Report) (Hot summers, cold winters ahead)

Conspiracy: An interesting current theory (Report)

U.S. Government medical scientists unnoted external payments (Report)

Electric Vehicles: 25% of San Francisco’s charging stations don’t work (Report)

Russia: Current update (Article)

The Internet: About to become free for some low-income Americans (Report)

The U.S. Economy: 2/3s of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck (Report)

U.S. Surveillance caeras adding A.I. threat detection (Article)

U.S. baby formula shortage is intentional?  (Report)

North Korea: Update (Article)

AP “Factcheck” of U.S. presidential election fraud movie rebutted (Report)

 COVID Vaccines: Meet the doctors who have suffered for questioning them (Report)

China: Joins Europe and North America with its slowing economy (Article)

California: Becoming serious about drought? (Report)

China: Tighter capital controls? (Article)

U.S. Finance: The mother of all crashes begins..? (Article)

More U.S. Finance: Credit card borrowing rising with inflation (Report)

Manhattan: Study finds only 8% of office workers have returned full time? (Report)

COVID Vaccination: U.S. military doctors say adverse result data scrubbed (Report)

Gender bias asserted in naming too few parasitic worms after female scientists (Report)

He pandemic money/power struggle proceeding in the U.S. Congress (Report)

U.S. Transportation: Government control of private as well as public transportation? (Article)

The Eco: Cryptocurrencies melt down in panic (Report) (It begins?)

 The U.S. stock market: Compared to 1929 … (Article)

U.S. Army: Reducing physical standards to admit more women (Report)

U.S. baby formula shortage: Traceable to government? (Article)

The U.S.. presidential election: New movie “2000 Mules”  documents massive vote fraud (Report)

Inflation: Is now general, producing food riots in some countries (Report)

Weapons: Cheap bombs to drop on ships/cities from many miles distance (Article)(Anonymously?)

Science: Restoring lost hearing (Report)

Chicago: 6 dead, 18 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

 A naked man was arrested after invading a business (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         A Changing Role for U.S. Presidents?

                George Bush, the U.S. president who initiated government permission for use of most public transport, seemed to do as his party wished while maintaining a relatively unimpressive presence. President Obama, recognizing advancing technology, increased presidential public presence. President Trump expanded his presidency into a nearly daily show, which he has tried with considerable difficulty to maintain after leaving office. And President Biden has been entertaining us with regularly misread scripts and awkward ad libs to the extent that it may be assumed that his assistants pull the levers of power for him. America’s presidency has become performance art. Adding the necessary rehearsals and applying makeup, some might begin to wonder how much time our Leaders of the Free World actually devote to that work in these days?  

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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