From the week:

Digital currency: Some pros and cons of adoption (Article)

The pandemic: A reality-based list of pertinent facts (Article) (Recommended)

More pandemic: U.S. M.D.s group requested injunction to stop military/recovered cases vaccinations (Report)

Geopolitics: The shifting balance: China, Russia and the West (Article) (Recommended)

New York workers fired as unvaccinated will be ineligible for unemployment insurance (Report)

The war on cryptocurrencies: Central bank digital currencies: a future of surveillance and control (Article)

Power blackouts: China, this time (Report)

Employment: 7 ways men live without working in America (Article)

Energy: Better hope for a warm winter? (Article)

Transportation: Despite record backlogs, Los Angeles/Long Beach ports do not operate 34/7 (Article)

China: Will energy issue reduce Q3 FSP? (ERIXLW)

Corruption: 131 federal judges took cases in which they had a financial interest (Report)

More corruption: At the Federal Reserve (Report)

 California: Vote by mail becomes permanent (Report)

Australia: Government officials reminded that unvaccinated will lose their freedoms in October (Report)

The pandemic: 5,200 doctors/scientists sign international letter rejecting currently politicized COVID policies (Report)

The U.S. ecibiny: Another view of the retail economy (Article)

Immigration: How did 14,000 Haitians get to the southern U.S. border? (Report)

The pandemic: COVID deaths exceed last year; 80% vaccinated (Report)

Energy: China pursuing oil at any price? (Report)

The economy: China entering stagflation? (Article)

Energy: European gas hyperinflation? (Report)

Education: Professor punished for refusal to use easier exams for black students sues UCLA (Report) 

The internet: Countries with internet kill switches (Article)

U.S. Postal Service: Is slowing mail delivery (Report)

The pandemic: California orders vaccination for all eligible public and private school children (Report)

More panfrmic: Merck to offer COVID treatment pill (Report)

The war on cryptocurrency: Biden admin. Seeks to regulate stable issuers as banks (Report)

Science: Supervolcano risks greater than previously thought (Article)

The Pandemic: Louisiana hospital to impose fines on employees with unvaccinated spouses (Report)

More pandemic: India’s spectacular success using Ivermectin (Article)

The fragility of modern banking (Report)

The state of the union: A factual, frightened view (Article) (Recommended for thought)

New York restaurants hit hard by vaccination mandate (Report)

Geopolitics heating up the Balkans again? (Article)

Orwell and the woke (Article) (Victor Davis Hansen at his best, or worst)

Nuclear weapons: The advancing rot of people’s attitudes (Article)

Chicago: 10 dead, 58 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was found in a back seat at a car dealership (Report)

And that’s all.

EDITORIAL:         The Legitimacy of Elections

                Without an openly legitimate election process, all government is authoritarian. Unfortunately, it is no longer obvious that elections in the United States and many other places are legitimate. Massive numbers of voters and the opaque machines chosen to process their choices are controlled by too few and too interested hands, an irresistible target for seekers of power. In too many places there is no longer sufficient substantive evidence of an honest vote. Without that and given that which is at stake, it must be presumed that the process has been compromised even when it is not blatantly obvious otherwise. Denial of that presumption is denial of established human behavior. If human government could be run upon trust, why would we need government in the first place?

The existence of the problem is underlined by the reaction of those holding political power and their supporters when the probity of an election is questioned. An honest supporter of the process would be proud to demonstrate the integrity of such a system; after all, it should be his stock in trade. Instead, we see vicious attacks on any who question outcomes, even when considerable evidence is supportive. Attempts to validate results objectively are suppressed. Such attitudes suggest guiltand undermine the believability of the process.

In a recently concluded audit of the current U.S. President’s election in Arizona, the media reported that the findings validated the election.  In fact, the findings validated the ballot count but questioned the integrity of the ballots counted, quite a different matter. U.S. and other democracies appear to be in transition …

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