GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. economy: Is COVID or the government doing the greater harm to small business? (Article)

New Uork City: Thousands rally against vaccine mandates (Report)

Arizona: No Social Security match for 59% of 673,000 voter I.D.s (Report)

Florida will buy COVID treatment from maker after Pres. Biden reduced access (Report)

Florida landlord will not rent to unvaccinated tenants (Report)

U.S. Retirement accounts in Congress’ gunsights (Article)

The Federal Reserve has liquidated its entire corporate bond portfolio (Report) Buying government bonds continues (Article)

The pandemic: Vaccine risk greater than COVID risk for men under 40 (Report)

Pandemic vaccination: CDC says statistics show 22% of vaccinated avoid hospitalization (Report)

U.S. Senate: Democrats’ bill would wipe out independent contractors (Report)

Science: Autism might be preventable? (Report)

Corruption: The FBI has returned to its pre-Hoover degenerate condition? (Article)

Britain: 7th small energy retailer fails (Report)

The U.S. Government will buy/donate 500 M more doses of COVID vaccine (Report)

Immigration: Feds gathering/releasing border crossers, transporting them to other states (Report)

The Pandemic: Whistleblower claims massive cover-up of vaccine risks (Report)

The U.S. Presidential Election: Wisconsin investigating retired Supreme Court judge says state did not follow election laws (Report)  

The pandemic: Wuhan lab looms larger at pandemic origins (Article) (Chinese lab; American money)

The U.S. Capitol riot: Judge orders videos released; they contradict left’s narrative (Report)

 The New York Times: Leaves readers wondering which lie should prevail (Report)

The U.S. Congress: New bill would complete politicization of U.S. money? (Article)

The war on cryptocurrencies: An anti-governmental view (Articled)

More war on crypto: China makes all transactions illegal? (Report)

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan: Update (Article)

The U.S. presidential election: Arizona audit finds over 50,000 illegal votes in Maricopa County (Report)

The pandemic: New study: Vaccine risks too high for children (Report)

Science: Discovery in New Mexico puts human presence 10,000 years earlier (Report)

The U.S. economy: Railyards joining ports storing backed-up, accumulating containers (Article)

Chinese economy: What’s REALLY going on? (Article)

U.S.Government says greatest domestic security threat is white right? (Report)

Energy: Expensive- Can’t be inflation; must be supply … (Article)

More energy: Green energy evaporates just when needed (Article) (Hydro drying up)

Junter Biden: President’s son claims access to highest levels of Chinese government (Report)

Chicago: 9 dead, 47 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was reported using homeowner’s garden hose to shower at night (Report)

Enough …

EDITORIAL:         The War on Cryptocurrencies

Money production became a government monopoly as governors learned to manipulate it at the expense of its users; laws were written to criminalize any competitors. But those laws have been obsoleted by new technology; cryptocurrencies were unimagined when they were written. Now Bitcoin and others are used increasingly, meeting a variety of government reactions. It is legal tender in some places, allowed limited use in others and outlawed in a few. But these days of mixed status seem numbered.

China, as reported in a news item above, has emphatically outlawed its monetary use. Payment with Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is a crime in China. While Ukraine and El Salvador have recently legalized digital currencies, the U.S. Federal Reserve seems more interested in providing its own, monopolized version. That seems the way to bet; does any powerful government willingly give up a license to steal?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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