GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

The U.S. Election: New Hampshire voting machines unqualified? (Report)

GOP Congressman “forgot” to cast crucial vote (Report)

The U.S. Consumer Price Index is misleading (Article)

The economy: Federalizing the U.S. money market? (Article)

The Pandemic: “Shocking” vaccine data (Report)

Finance: The next round in the Gold Game (Article)

More Finance: Fed to go direct with liquidity (Article)

U.S. Government: COVID small business aid giving preference to minority/female owners found discriminatory (Re[prt)

Rhw U.S. culture: Spreading transgender regret (Report)

The U.S. election: Progress report of Vermont audit (Report)

Nigeria: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Mild cases can lead to protection for life (Report) More (Report)

The U.S. culture: The United States and China are converging? (Article)(Recommended for thought)

New York City: Mayor told police not to protect Times Square pro-Israel rally? (Report)

Hypocracy: U.S./E.U. officials decrying Belarus kidnapping plane passenger have done the same? (Report)

The U.S. Economy: The government is wrecking the economy (Article)

India/Pakistan: Update (Article)

The climate: Dutch court orders Shell to deepen cuts in fossil fuels (Report)

Congo: Update (Article)

The U.S. Election: The city of Milwaukee allowed liberal, third-party groups funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to set the rules and help administer November’s presidential election, according to a complaint filed on behalf of five residents by an election watchdog. (Report)

Child smuggling revealation? (Report)

Mystery: Spectacular stone roadway resurfaced near Sakhalin Island (Report)

Iraq: Update (Article)

U.S. Industry: Boeing – the decline before the fall (Article)

China: Demographics casting doubt upon destiny (Article)

The pandemic: Study shows masks did not slow spread of COVID (Report)

The U.S. Economy: Inflation isn’t a prediction anymore … (Article)

The Pandemic: U.S. agency says employers can mandate employee vaccination (Report)

More pandemic: Ivermectin treatment effectiveness evidence strengthening (Report)

Canada: Ontario doctors forbidden to question official health guides (Report)

Chicago: 12 dead, 43 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after carjacking (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         On Getting The Jab

                                Government sources emphasize the safety of the vaccines; other sources  strongly disagree. Senator Rand Paul said that, having suffered the disease, he needs no vaccination; a recent study backs him up but the government disagrees. And there is disagreement about the protection actually provided by the vaccinations. Mandatory vaccination is promoted on the U.S. political Left and is appearing in other countries. In spite of this promotion however, almost half of U.S. healthcare workers remain unvaccinated and that applies generally as well.

                A significant percentage of the unvaccinated probably just haven’t bothered yet but that still leaves a lot of people obviously holding back. Why? In addition to the usual naysayers, there are those who understand that the vaccine is novel, only partly understood technology that carries real risks, some of them gruesome enough. Do you want to chance an injection that carries a low but demonstrated probability of killing or paralyzing you in order to protect you from a disease that brings a low risk of severe or fatal illness, knowing that the protection offered does not always result? That’s the conundrum facing the unvaccinated and their unvaccinated offspring. And if, like Senator Rand Paul, you’ve already suffered the disease, the decision seems compounded.                 Some businesses are attempting to force the choice by withholding services or employment from the unvaccinated and internet giants are censoring negative postings on the subject. These seem more like China than historic America. Perhaps, once Government has invested Capital and extended itself into nearly every aspect of living, that is what should have been expected …  

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