GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week:

Amazon: Testing full-sized, automated supermarket (Report) It is also testing pay-by-palm tech at a few Whole Foods stores. (Report)

European Union: Moving toward regulation of computer tech? (Report)

The pandemic: Vaccine brings eventual neurodegenerative disease? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Millennials living with parents most since Great Depression (Report)

Los Angeles: Outlaws restaurant use of disposable napkins, utensils (Report)

Georgia: Politicized churches join politicized businesses against vote fraud reform (Report)

The media: NBC deceptively edited 911 call and video in fatal shooting (Report)

U.S. Government: U.S. Postal Service monitors, tracks citizens’ social media (Report)

The pandemic: CDC funding of coronavirus project at the Chinese virology lab (Report)

The U.S. economy: Young adults living with parents returned to Great Depression levels? (Report)

Government: Police removed journalists observing protest ) Report)

The Federal Reserve: Enriching fewer, older at expense of the young? (Article)

Thee economy: Taco Bell opens “Digital only” restaurant (No wait staff) (Report)

The culture: West Point cadets caught cheating but allowed to remain (Reort)

The pandemic: Why did lockdown and non-lockdown states have similar death rates? (Article)

The e U.S. economy: Yes, it is a bubble and yes, there will be a crash (Article)

The culture: How do you “Build Back Better” without an accepted, common  belief system? (Articled)

The pandemic: The lockdown paradigm is collapsing? (Report)

 China: Government owned firms defaulting as debt becomes troublesome (Report)

The pandemic: Harm from face masks per study (Report

Black Lives Matter: Demands white restaurant owners, diners leave New York (Report)

Somalia: Update (Article)

The pandemic: Some uncertainties in the current story (Report)

Education: “Locally controlled” public education morphs into Federal indoctrination? (Report)

U.S. Police: Numbers of people shot to death 2017 – by race 2021 (Statistics)

Digital money: Can be turned off like a light switch (Article)

The U.S. Election: Arizona Democrats file suit to stop audit of Maricopa County results (Report)

Norway: Government warns banks to honor cash requests (Report)

Corruption: Facebook exec admitted supporting political propaganda (Report)

U.S. Politics: Congressional Democrats voted in support of University anti-Asian discrimination (Report)

Columbia: 7.2 earthquake cover-up (Report)

U.S. Surveillance: Banks testing camera/computer monitoring (Report)

China: Current assessment-military/economic (Article)

The U.S. Navy: Peacetime politicization brings a wake-up call (Article)

Education: Virginia to eliminate advanced math classes to stop kids from faster advancement than peers (Report)

The pandemic: Compulsory vaccination spreading (Article)

Los Angels: Federal judge orders city/county to provide shelter for homeless by October (Report)

The climate: Writers taking liberty with the numbers (Article)

The economy: We don’t have free market capitalism anymore? (Article) (Thoughtworthy)

Technology: Progress is creating anonymous war? (Report)

China: Has compromised hundreds of U.S. scientists (Report)

U.S. Government: Will scan service members’ social media for political incorrectness (Report)

G.O.P. ex-President Bush leads push for amnesty for illegal aliens (Report)

Chicago: 3 dead, 24 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested after assaulting boyfriend (Report)

And that’s all …

 EDITORIAL:        Why Are Democrats Trashing the Police?

The tendency of a few humans to muck up the comfort and productivity of the rest provides the primary excuse for the existence of government, so the current all-out attack on U.S. policing demands clear explanation. Why are elected politicians attacking their own agents? Superficially because rioting mobs of protesting voters are demanding that “something be done.” A closer look brings out the reality that the protests are constructed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two organized, funded political action groups representing the interests of the Democratic leadership and their supporters. Their demonstrations are productions, not spontaneous citizen uprisings. Notably, they take place mostly in venues controlled by Democratic politicians. They amount, with the boost from propagandist media, to political theater. But why are Federal politicians going to all this expense and effort over strictly local government policing?    

No one has explained that, but we suspect that it may be a road toward Federal control of local police, a parallel with the “Common Core” program aimed at synchronizing  locally controlled public schools. A recent report of a county sheriff’s refusal to enforce a state governor’s order may provide some clarification. America’s political leaders understand that increasing authority will require increased police support; they are simply trying to reduce local and increase Federal influence over local police agencies. Isn’t that what any power-hungry politician would seek?

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