GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

Fron the week:

Wall Street: The GameStop mobbing explained (Article)

Iran: Dismal economic report (Article)

The U.S. economy: A terminal victim of political fraud? (Article) (Recommended)

Religion: China increasing repression (Report) (U.S. blames COVID)

The pandemic: U.S. funded Chinese development of the COVID – 19 virus? (Report)

More pandemic: The U.S.  C.D.C. now demands double layer masking for U.S. travelers? (Report) More details (Report)

Corruption: Rising in the U.S. (Report)

Sweden: Rearming in fear of Russia – again (Report)

The pandemic: CDC hugely inflated numbers during election? (Report)

The stock market: GameStop whipsaw overtaken by silver? (Article)

Censorship: Twitter suspends Christian group for revealing biological gender of Biden appointee (Report)

Australia: Political censorship thrives? (Report)

Censorship: Is the anti-conservative attack being extended to Catholicism? (Report)

Immigration: Biden administration opening COVID vaccination sites for illegal immigrants (Report)

Corruption: Hunter Biden lawyer’s partner now heads Dept. of Justice prosecution decisions? (Report)

Government: Users of all forms of public transport are now subject to Federal mask enforcement (Report)

More government: Crackdown on Proud Boys  (Report) (A pass for Antifa?)

 Corruption: Tainted Treasury Secretary to lead stock market inquiry? (Report)

 Racism: Anti-white/Asian discrimination suit dropped by Biden Department of Justice (Report)

The environment: Growing use of solar/wind power threaten stability of grid (Report)

 Government: Biden order allows biological males to compete in women’s athletics? (Report)

Corruption: Current $1.9 T COVID bill cover for non-COVID spending? (Report)

The U.S. economy: Chinese report that U.S. officially in recession as of Biden’s 8th day? (Report)

The U.S. election: Precinct level investigation by noted mathematician found result “impossible”(Report)

Politics: Antifa damage to Oregon Federal property $2.3 M; (Report) (Does anyone care?)

 Corruption: Illinois pushing political litmus test for K12 teachers? (Report)

Corruption: Details from the recent vote count negate democracy (Report) (Recommended, long)

More corruption: Time magazine says Trump was right; there was a conspiracy (Report)

 Still more corruption: Bank of America provides customer data to government without consent (Report)

The pandemic: Post infection immunity research results promising (Report)

Government to purge military of right wing troops (Report)

Congress: Democrats and some Republicans stripped Rep. M.T. Green of all committees (Report) (So now They decide on who represents people?)

 More government: California COVID law screws landlords (Report)

Education: North Carolina passes social studies standards focusing on race (Report)

The pandemic: Another report links U.S. government to development of COVID in China? (Report)

Corruption: Ilhan Omar paid her husbands’ firm @.9 M during the recent election cycle? (Report)

The pandemic: Another (interesting) take on pandemic policy (Article) (From a censored commentator?)

U.S. Supreme Court kills California pandemic church closing (Report)

The world economy: All hail the conquering central bankers – or else (Article)

The American condition: Clarity after Trump (Long Article) (Highly recommended!)

Chicago: 4 dead, 18 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

 A naked woman was arrested after stopping power at hotel/casino (Report)

The end

EDITORIAL:         U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R Georgia)

                                House Democrats removed all of her committee assignments in response to their disapproval of some of her statements while ignoring Representative Maxine Waters (D California) demands that Donald Trump be prosecuted for premeditated murder.

                Evidently today’s Democrats believe that they, not Georgia voters, have final approval of the State’s Cogressfolk?  

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