GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

U.S. Government: New House bill would mandate temperature checks at airport security (Report)

The pandemic: Positive tests rise directly with mask conformance? (ReportS)

More pandemic: Couple in house arrest after refusing to sign self-quarantine order (Report)

The war on cash: Suddenly, there is a coin shortage? (Report)

The pandemic: Merry monkeyshines in Africa (Report)

Air travel: Pilots with unreal licenses (Report)

Portland riots: The ongoing scene from another viewpoint (Report)

The last days of a Ponzi economy (Article)

Corruption: Ececutives of failing businesses profit from bankruptcy (Article)

Libya: Update (Article)

China: Strategic update (Article) (Recommended)

The culture: Labor unions join political strike? (Article) (Everything is now politicized)

The war on culture: Anti-Catholic vandalism expands across the U.S. (Report)

Education: Can microschooling parents defeat the teachers’ unions? (Article)

Racism: BLM leader wants to “get rid” of white men (Video)

Afghanistan: Update (Article)

The economy: The nuts and bolts of retreat (Article)

Corruption: Ohio House speaker arrested in bribery case (Article)

The war on science: Politicization poisons another scientific journal (Report)

The pandemic: False positive tests (Article) (Of course – Bet on false negatives, too)

Science: All mammals share similar brain connectivity, including humans (Report)

Corruption: Ex-Congressman charged with bribery, corruption (Article)

Burma: Update (Article)

The mobs: Seattle police give up, rioters using social media for nationwide management (Article)

CORRUPTION: Huge money laundry in Brazil that no one (including U.S.) wants reported (Article)

The war on Judeo-Christianity: Supremes approve sharp restriction of church attendance (Report)

Corruption: When Federal courts take sides (Articled)

Organized youth mob attacks continue across U.S.; Seattle restrains police (Article)

Chicago: 10 dead, 60 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested standing in the road with a gun (Report)

Enough, already.



EDITORIAL:         Thoughts On The Coming Presidential Election


A couple of very prominent features of this contest appear:

  1. The Democrats seen to be anointing a political hack who may have to work to walk and talk at the same time, and
  2. The Republicans are probably spending as much sub rosa in the hope of defeating “their” candidate as they can expect to get away with.

Taken together, these features seem to illuminate two currently salient themes:

  1. The Democrats devoutly wish to use the pandemic to lever mail voting, and
  2. The Democratic leadership is pushing the probability that Trump will, if not reelected, refuse to relinquish power.

Considering the obvious insecurities and temptations of large scale, mail voting, are the Democrats trying to deprive Trump in advance of any ability to address electoral fraud?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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