GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Science: Manned moon outpost to rely upon nuclear power? (Report)

India: Economy continues to slow (Article)

The U.S. economy: Will require a decade to return to pre-COVID level? (Article)

The culture: 5 police shot in riots (Report) (Shouldn’t the riot organizers be prosecuted?)

The riots: More evidence of national organization/planning (Article) More from New York

The culture: Hospital worker beaten by police for making video of their riot control (Report)

Corruption: U.S. Treasury official running bailout has questionable tirs? (Article)

The culture: Over 50 ATM’s blown open with dynamite during Philadelphia riots (Report)

Geopolitics: Energy- Pipeline power shifts (Article)

The U.S. economy: Decentralized Hard Money, the ultimate restoration (Article) (Highly recommended)

More economy: If the U.S. poor were a nation – it would be the world’s richest? (Article)

Still more economy: Ford delays return to work for salaried workers to September (Report)

Yellowstone: 300 quakes last month (Report)

Califoria: Demand for Federal bailout? (Article)

The culture: N.Y. Mayor: Protests essential, not churches (Article)

Corruption: Giant U.S. bank in Malaysian government scandal (Report)

The U.S.: On the threshold of two futures (Article) (Oversimplified, but true. Recommended) (Where is Andy Jackson when you need him?)

The “Protests”: The real looters are the politicians (Article)

Chicago: 24 dead, 61 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested at a busy intersection (Report)

That’s all …


EDITORIAL:         The Message of the “George Floyd Protest” Riots

First, the events were not a response to Floyd’s death in police custody; they were planned and funded, organized, supervised and recruited, ready to roll when that triggering event was selected, perfectly timed to take advantage of the frustrations compounded by the COVID – 19 quarantine.

The media staged the events as an explosion of the repressed against injustice, which is politicized propaganda from the left. The visuals showcased a black uprising with blacks providing the violence and destruction though the focus of most of the participants appeared more oriented toward grabbing merchandise. Places where the demonstrations were more peaceful and places with fewer black residents seemed largely ignored. It was barely noted that, excepting a few showcase events, the bulk of the damage was done to the black community. Little notice was given either to the 13% that blacks occupy in the U.S. population or that black males are convicted of felonies four times more often thanb others. This was political theater, not sociology.

Finally, the most egregious and perennial omission: the stark contrast between the very parallel experiences but sharply different societal outcomes experienced by Asians when compared to blacks. Both were brought in as ignorant manual labor restricted to their workplaces and fenced off from society. After the railroads were built, Asians were even legally excluded from the country. Meanwhile, U.S. blacks were adopting the paramount American Protestant culture and pursuing education including a black university. They began to produce scientists and businessmen as well as entertainers who succeeded. But their ex-slavemasters bought them again, this time with promises of civil rights and welfare and they have too largely reverted do dependency, this time upon Democrats and government. The Asians were ignored and so, have made it on their own with household incomes surpassing whites. They have pursued America’s opportunities  instead of moving onto the political plantation. In today’s politicized U.S. it is no wonder that nobody mentions it.

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