GLEAININGS FROM THE PASSING …(Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour present ration:

The economy: Landlords hurting as rent payments frozen by pandemic

The pandemic: U.S. (and other) reopenings are fake? (Article)

Financce: Will gold possession be outlawed again? (Article)

Government: Texans protesting contact tracing (Report)

China has invaded India to seize territory? (Report) Or has it? (Article)

The economy: Central banks are destroying the residue of free markets (Article)

The pandemic: Lockdown cost more lives than it saved? (Article)

More Pandemic: Lockdowns ineffectual, economically destructive? (Article)

Libya: Update (Article) (Turks in, Russians out …)

Politics: New York law makes provision of driver’s license info to Feds a felony (Report)

Science: Earth’s weakening magnetic field is also dividing (Article)

The internet: Censorship expanding into healthcare subjects (Article)

Nigeria: Update (Article)

The War on the Internet: Trump reverses; will restore Obama’s FCC net regulation (Article)

The post-pandemic economy: Why your expectations won’t materialize (Article)

The economy: Zombie companies threaten recovery (Article)

More economy: U.S. spending crashes despite huge government handouts (Article)

Black rioting continues, Black Lives Matter/Soros the organizers? (Article)

The pandemic: Significant testimony leaking from non-believing experts (Article)

The riots: Mysterious brick piles appearing in riot areas (Article) (Will anyone investigate?)

The culture: Girls finally oppose presence of transgender males in women’s sports (Article)

Chicago: 10 dead, 38 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested in the road at Myrtle Beach (Report)



EDITORIAL:         Fear of Coming Contact Tracing


With reopening paramount, why is government setting up and hiring staff to identify and record the identity of everyone whom has tested positive plus everyone with whom that person has come into contact? That question is bothering the Texans protesting it at their capitol. There is no obvious medical reason for this effort and expense; it is too late for generating warnings. What it comes down to is a collection of patients’ names with a list of their family, friends and contacts. By the time it can be organized and staffed, what will be the use of that?

Those protesting Texans and others are concerned that this after-the-fact and costly project amounts to little more than setting up an informant network, one that tempts political misuse in future, especially when added to proliferating public facial recognition cameras and the growing tracking of cell phones and vehicles. In China, all of these are applied to controlling citizens so it seems understandable that some Americans are worried. Whether or not one decides to worry, it is probably a good idea to seriously consider the scene; if you are a taxpayer, you are funding it …

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