Socialism cannot endure because it relies upon forcing inhuman behavior onto humans; Globalism forces unnatural behavior onto nations. Socialists suppress individuality; Globalists suppress nationality. Both are oppression that dissolve whenever the imposing force is not maintained. Except that the first is applied to people and the second to nations, they have much in common. Historically, socialists have been globalist; communists with capitalist neighbors have had to be walled in to prevent escape. The currently popular term “democratic socialism’ is an oxymoron. It is no coincidence that since the 19th century, The Internationale  has been sung as the Socialist anthem; the system cannot long coexist with less totalitarian competition..

Globalism sells harmonious blending of everybody under a supranational government, the usual socialist utopia on a larger scale.  A primary requirement is removal of national borders,   a Globalist analog of the socialist abolition of private property. Those are equally willful, blind denials of human nature. In a real world, national borders may dissolve after everyone speaks a common language and lives in a common culture at a common economic level but even then it seems doubtful, given human competition. Further, it seems doubtful that such a degree of human uniformity can be accomplished even at gunpoint. Annoying as it must be for Socialists, people aren’t ants.

The Communists claimed that, after people were forced at gunpoint into good socialist behavior, their  descendants would evolve into naturally socialist folk and the barbed wire and guns would vanish. In our real world, no sign of that appeared in sixty years as the Soviets fell apart of their internal contradictions. Their Globalistic gathering of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, the Baltics, eastern Europe, most of Central Asia and others was only another empire;  never happy, it decomposed overnight in a parallel part of the process.  All the suffering and loss of the Soviet era were a wasted sacrifice to a myth.

An all-powerful, supranational government  is too large, too remote and too bound with competing interests to recognize, let alone harmonize the myriad needs, behaviors and desires of inevitably disparate and distant populations. In our reality, government must as America’s Founders wrote, arise from the governed, not be forced onto them from above. That is not government, only the suppression of a conqueror. Conquerors have no citizens, only slaves. And once emplaced, such a state does not evolve into voluntary, happy slavery. At some point, the conqueror or his successor will die hanging from a lamppost and everything will fall apart, eventually to begin again for a new audience. We call that “history”.

As used to be said in political science classes, “America has the worst possible form of government – except for all the others.” The Globalists would replace it with a blend of all the others, plus guns and barbed wire in the name of progress. Wisdom suggests asking what sort of progress depends upon guns and barbed wire … and how “Democratic Socialism” under a global government can be  installed and maintained without them. The Soviets and Venezuela should be informative. China too since 1978, the year it reinstated private enterprise of a sort in order to avoid the fate of the soviets. Britain is worth some thought too, as it exits the European Union. Most of this wraps up neatly in a political science principal: subsidiarity. Political decisions should be made as closely as possible to those affected by them. Seems like plain common sense, right?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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