GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE .., (Politically UncorrectedS)

alfred_e-_neumannHere’s the week’s worth:

Coronavirus: U.S. (and some others) has overreacted? (Article)

The world economy: The financial system is now an admitted political fake? (Article)

Russian oil giant giving up on Venezuela? (Article)

U.S. Government: How red tape has delayed COVID – 19 testing (Article)

More U.S. Government: Collecting cell phone location data on individuals’ movements (Report)

COVID – 19: Rich and famous are tested; anyone else, good luck? (Article) (At first, perhaps)

The economy: What effect will follow the big drop in state/local government revenues? (Article)

The U.S. culture: What kind of life awaits the post-pandemic generation? (Article)

The pandemic: Can’t find overloaded hospitals reported?  (Report)

The economy: Breadlines returning to the U.S.? (Article)  (Who are these folk?)

Government: The COVID – 19 “stimulus” bill spending destinations (rticle)

More government: Arrest warrant issued for Florida pastor who continued church services (Article)

Government: Prez Trump  called for a $2 Trillion spending bill to repair roads/bridges (Report) (Now we have REAL play money)

The economy: “Save capitalism from the CARES Act” (Report)

The pandemic: New York/California drastically mishandling response? (Report)

More pandemic: Medical experts say governments overreacting (Article) (Virus comparable to flu seasons)

Government: Detroit’s drive through pandemic testing requires prescription, appointment (Report) (Unavailable for many)

Idaho Quake: Follows Salt Lake (Report) (Signals from Yellowstone caldera?)

Government: Feds block distillers from making hand sanitizer for pandemic (Report)

More Government: More problems found in FBI secret spy court warrants (Article)

The economy: Government management is replacing markets? (Article) (Somebody noticed?)

Iran: Update (Long Article)

The culture: Virginia store worker charged for shooting masked nocturnal burglars (Report)

More culture: U.S. alcohol sales soar by 55% (Report) (Guess why?)

Surveillance: Google is tracking people’s movements worldwide? (Report)

Government: Ocean paddleboarding/swimming now bring arrests/fines/jail? (Report)

 Fed’s big bucks bailout screws small business? (Article) (Seems so) (Many small businesses ineligible?)

Congress: Considering a measure to require a license for gun/ammo purchases (Article)

The culture: An interesting (and suspicious) take on our current society/pandemic (Article)

Finland: Will the world’s best welfare system survive the virus? (Article)

The internet: Is your computer hacked? Update (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 18 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested for violating a travel advisory (Report)

Der ende


EDITORIAL:         Looking Past the Pandemic

Will the economic freeze pay off in lives saved from the pandemic? That seems doubtful; it appears that the lockdown will delay infections and so allow caregivers to do better job but it will nevertheless infect millions. It will just take longer.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and world economies have been thrown into a 1930s style depression. While that will be blamed upon the pandemic, it is actually the accumulated result of political mismanagement. The 2008 financial crash was not saved by the central bank; it was instead only paper ever with fiat money and credit.  Too Many businesses will likely never reopen; the reopening will require more time then is expected and will not approximate the previous size of the economy.

The accumulated debt was unsustainable before the present trillions of fiat money bailout. The world financial system may need to be redesigned as present currencies devalue under their debt loads. At the

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