alfred_e-_neumannHere it is, take it:

Corruption: The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back (Article) (Prez Reagan’s Budget Director explains the grift)

China: Stopped testing for COVID – 19; that’s why no new cases (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve’s Bullard warns of second quarter financial collapse? (Article)

China: The housing bubble has burst, with awful consequences coming? (Article)

The world economy: The monetary system is facing its end? (Article)

Deutsche Bank: Predicting hyperinflation (Article)

COMID – 19: Will Prez Trump imitate China’s abruptly ending of quarantine? (Report) China is faking recovery? (Report)

Congress: Pandemic quarantine rescue bill a Democrat’s dream of welfare deficit spending (Report)

More Congress: House bill gives half million foreign workers extra protection (Report)

Government: Using Coronavirus to increase control/decrease liberty? (Article)

The economy: Many question having a market if the Federal Reserve is backstopping everything (Article) (Now, the “free” market is illusory)

Corruption: List of unrelated goodies stuffed into COVID – 19 relief legislation (Report)

Surveillance: The Freedom Act stalled in the Senate will reinstate warrantless spying on citizens? (Article) (The newly added “protections” are fake)

The culture: 6 states declare marijuana sales an essential exception to coronavirus shutdown (Article)

The U.S. economy: The unreported side of the “stimulus” from Congress (Article) (Recommended)

The U.S. economy: Looming collapse of government/corporate pensions (Article) (Overpromised, underfunded)

Coronavirus: Compared to H1N1 (Swine Flu) statistics (Article)

U.S. Congress: Use COVID – 19 Bill to create digital dollar (Report) (Make Dollar like Bitcoin?)

Corruption: Another view of the COVID – 19 Congressional Aid Package (Article) (Recommended)

The internet: Large scale usage rationing under discussion (Article)

Government: Will it relinquish the emergency powers over citizens after the pandemic? (Article)

Coronavirus: The U.S. political/economic response explained simply and clearly (Article) Recommended China, Japan  and others also expanding deficits (None have the money being spent)

More coronavirus: Testing is improving rapidly (Report)

California: Coronavirus shutdown orders are unconstitutional? (Article)

The world economy: U.S. Recession, Depression? Next quarter will tell (Article)

The culture: Sex doll maker says dolls are antibacterial s(Article)

More culture: Use of military land mines: Update (Article)

Chicago: 1dead, 9 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested while intimate with drugs (Report)

That’s enough for now.


EDITORIAL:         What Will Follow Social Distancing?

The 2008 financial dislocations have been papered over by Federal Reserve money creation, not cured. The succeeding deficits have expanded the strains and the present all – out helicopter money deluge seems likely, coupled with the accompanying imposed pandemic business stasis, to finally bring economic reality onto most of the world. Many predict an immediate recession; some expect full, 1930’s depression for years. We should know by mid-year. The inflation rate should be a clue; the present world monetary system seems at risk under present “just print more” policies. The current prices and declining availability of precious metals may be a warning.  Whatever is coming, no politician will prevent nor moderate, no matter his promises. But everything conceivable will probably be done to postpone the onset past the November elections …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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