GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Government: Dept. of Justice asks Congress for power to detain indefinitely without trial (Article)

A plague of locusts: From Africa to China  (Report)

The culture: The U.S. Navy can’t design and build improved new ships anymore? (Article) (A sidelight on our post Christian era?)

U.S. Economy: Federal Reserve zeros interest, restores money dilution in apparent panic (Article)

China: February economic data worse than expected (Article)

The economy: Insolvency looming? (Article)

Government: Taking Controll of food distribution (Rationing) (Report)

Unemployment: State website crashes under pandemic NY job loss (Article)

Congress: Why Covid – 19 emergency legislation should not pass? (Article) (Who will work when they can stay home and be paid by taxpayers?)

California: New anti Uber law is crippling the state economy? (Video report)

Coronavirus: Study shows 86% of infected people are walking around undetected (Report)

Government: Swine flu pandemic comparison with coronavirus – interesting (Article)

China: Illegally fishing the world’s oceans (Article)

Immigration: Yale/MIT study finds 22 M illegal aliens in U.S. (Report)

The economy: These markets are rigged (Article) (Once free U.S. markets now Fed controlled)

Healthcare: Questioning the U.S. economic shutdown for coronavirus (Article)

More healthcare: Philadelphia police ordered to stop arresting miscreants (Coronavirus) (Report)

The world economy: What’s happening (for finance mavens) (Article)

Moew qoels wxonomy: Asset prices will fall (It’s all coming down) (Article)

The government: House Speaker tells President to take control of production (Report)

The economy: The real crash is here (Article) (Highly recommended!)

Government: Federal Drug Administration “clarifies” that two covid – 19 drug treatments mentioned by President Trump are NOT approved for that use (Report)

The economy: Airlines grounding airliners at Arizona desert boneyard (Report)

The pandemic: Expert claims current overreaction (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve Opens Its Landfill for Distressed Assets (Article) (Highly recommended!)

More economy: More of the unsustainable debt going bad (Article)

Still more economy: Second Great Depression has begun? (Article) (You knew it was coming …)

The U.S. Government will accelerate visas to foreign workers during shutdown (Report)

Corruption:: Corona virus tests for stars, millionaires; why not everyone else? (Report) (Duh!

San Francisco: People are looting stores all over the city (Article)

Coronavirus: Use of antimalarial drugs risks serious psychiatric side effects (Article)

The economy: The huge fear – How do I pay the bills? (Article)

Government: Coronavirus aid from Congress to hit $2Trillion (Article)

More government: Last yearend Federal fiscal shortfall exceeded $3 Trillion (Report) (> $300K per U.S. person)

The war on the internet: New Senate bill mandates government reading all messages (Report)

Healthcare: Comparison of covid – 19 with previous epidemics (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

Apparently, no reporter covered any naked man’s or woman’s arrest this week …

And that’s enough.


EDITORIAL:         On Triggering A Great Depression To Postpone A Pandemic

Replicating China’s COVID – 19 response, the U.S. and many other governments are severely restricting personal and economic activities. This is intended to delay and spread out the impact of the pandemic, allowing healthcare systems better preparation and the accumulation of more resources before the challenge peaks. The evident price of this amelioration: It has triggered the onset of a second Great Depression. Whether the resulting decades of poverty and struggle are justified by the results of the quarantine will be debated.

The U.S. and much of the world is far overindebted; economies are stultified by politicization and distorted by the mismanagement of central banks. This creaky, bloated and misshapen structure is unsustainable, it has been awaiting only a trigger to fail. President Trump can now blame the virus for the depression and present himself as a savior rather than as the successor to President Herbert Hoover, who was successfully blamed for the Great Depression by Democrats in 1932. Present Democrats can applaud President Trump, now forced to promote their pet programs for dealing governmental largesse to citizens and businesses alike. Never mind that the trillions of dollars distributed do not now and never will exist in reality but will ultimately further depress the depression.

Who to blame for the suffering that has now been triggred? Not Trump, who merely forced a little good out of a bad deal. Not even the dishonest and greedy politicians who have scammed the voters for decades, offering them free government goodies. The blame rests plainly upon the educated adults who regularly reelect politicians offering something for nothing …

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