GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)


The culture: One third of wives now earn more than husbands (Report)

The culture: Nyw York and California spend billions more in taxes than Texas and Florida but get worse results? (Article)

The Chinese economy: Big injection of fiat money to crutch corona panic? (Article) India follows (ArticleO

Geopolitics: Will Russia/Turkey block Israeli gas exports to Europe? (Report)

Corruption: 378 U.S. counties have more registered voters than eligible residents (Report) (More than 2 M votes)

China: Update (Article) (Long, informative re corona virus, somewhat repetitive)

The war on the Internet: U.S. tech giants as politicized censors (Article)

Canada: Minister said all news websites must have government license for approved content? (Report)

The economy: What is coming, and why (Article)

Yemen: Update (Article) (Long, informative summary)

The culture: Rev. Franklin Graham banned in U.K. (Article)

The moon: Luring competing interests (Article) (But still mostly talk)

Afghanistan:  Update (Article) (Long, informative plus repetitive)

California: Protecting workers by outlawing their jobs (Article)

Healthcare: The Lies We Are Told about the Coronavirus (Article)  (Why are FACTS so scarce?)

Argentina: About to flip off its debt – again (Report) (Who still lends to them?)

The culture: School called police when six year old with Down Syndrome made a gun with her finger (Article)

Iraq: Depends upon Iran for gas and electric power … (Article)

Venezuela: President Maduro switches to capitalism? (Article)

The war on the Internet: Federal appeal to restore Obama internet regulation rejected (Report)

 The economy: U.S. cities debt burden (Report)

Politics: Why Democrats and Republicans find Russia a convenient enemy (Article)

Emergy: China’s natural gas imports collapsing? (Report)

China: Some scary numbers from the corona scene (Article)

The Federal courts: Analysis of Trump’s judicial appointments (Article)

Coronavirus: China starts mass arrests of people thought infected (Report) (And 50 M are quarantined in their homes)

More coronavirus : The pandemic isn’t ending; it’s just the beginning of global depression and disorder (Article)  (The Chinese government is clearly panicked; is this the 1919 Spanish Flu scene reprating?)

Education: Speech and thought control ramping up at universities? (Article)

Science: Will light replace electricity in computing? (Report)

More science: Big step forward toward mastering photosynthesis (Report)

Still more science: Quantum information storage progress (Report)

Chicago: 3 killed, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after walking around neighborhood (Report)



EDITIRIAL: The U.S. Market Is Too Regulated To Be Called “Free”

When President Trump brags about his trade deals, he is bragging about the control he exerts upon business between countries. When businesses pay lobbyists, they are buying influence to short circuit direct competition. When government regulators impose rules, standards and limits upon businesses, their motives are political, not commercial. So is legislation directing workers’ wages and benefits. When governments impose taxes, they are distorting markets and altering economic in favor of political goals. The Federal Reserve intervenes heavily in financial markets affecting the entire economy.  There is little in the U.S. today that is not regulated usually by multiple layers of government. A citizen cannot conduct significant business without paying government for permission in most places. The newsfolk regularly report some kid’s summer lemonade stand being shut down by the police. And almost every conceivable personal service requires licensing of some sort, even prostitution where it is legal. There is no longer a U.S. free market. To make the picture worse, U.S. government battens upon some 38% of GDP

That has substituted political for heretofore economic decision making, with the usual economically stifling results. That is a primary reason that, even with the high worker wages, American workers are being replaced by machines and foreigners while the U.S. middle class slowly degrades back into a proletariat. It appears that government comes in two sizes: Too small to be very effective or too large to let many others be very effective …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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