GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHere they are:

Education: FBI probes deep rooted fraud in New York City Schools (Report)

The economy: Banks are raising limits on credit cards for free spending users (Article) (Quenching a fire with gasoline …)

The Middle East: Since last spring, the U.S. has added over 20,000 troops to oppose Iran? (Article)

Washington: The state’s tax increase appears insufficient to keep its college tuition promise? (Report)

Sweden: Immigration overwhelming the welfare state? (Article)

Healthcare: Supermarket pharmacies are closing (Report)

The culture: Univ. of Missouri requires students to install tracking app (Report)

Libya: Update as Turkey moves in (Article)

The U.S. Weather Service: A chance to rise from third rate to leadership? (Article)

The Middle East: Analyzed for you by one observer (Article)

Geopolitics: China’s Belt and Road initiative vs Sea Trade and U.S. hegemony? (Article)

California: Sued after refusal to open spending to scrutiny (Billions undisclosed) (Article)

The climate: Congress funding plan to cool earth by spraying particles in the sky? (Article)

Corruption: San Francisco Director of Public Works arrested by FBI (Report)

U.S. Government:  A rational analysis of an inevitable result of America’s two party system (Article)

The media: If you haven’t heard, the Iranian missile attack in Iraq injured 50 U.S. troops (Report)

Iraq: Iranian missile attack on U.S. troops wounded count now 64 (Article)

Syria: Update – depressing progress (Article)

China: German newspaper claims evidence Chinese intelligence working with Huavei 5G rollout (Article)

East Africa: Ancient plague locusts massively destroying crops – again (Report)

The border: Section of wall under construction blown down near Calexxico (Report)

Healthcare: Corona virus reporting is very overblown? (Article) (Wouldn’t be the first)

Russia: Update – Ukraine, Libya, Syria etc.

 The war on privacy: Your smart vehicle is recording your every move? (Article)

The economy: Nordstrom will open a line of second hand clothing (Article)

Government: Man responsible for racist robocalls to be fined $13 M? (Report)

The economy: Our coming debt crisis (Article) (Ann optimistic time frame)

Internal Revenue Service under fire for failing to curb erroneous tax credit claims (Report)

The culture: Homosexual cross dresser to be featured on kid show Sesame Street (Report)

U.S. Government: The House considers government takeover of consumer credit standards (Report)

California cities are providing night time parking lots for people living in their cars (Article)

Israel: Palestinians cut diplomatic relations; also with U.S. (Report) (Over Trump’s peace plan)

U.S. Democrats: Altering debate rules in favor of latecomer Bloomberg (Article) (Is he the anointed savior from all the self-appointed opportunists?)

Corona virus “contains HIV insertions” leading to fears of manmade bioweapon? (Report)

Chicago: 2 killed, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested for assaulting boyfriend (Report)

And that’s enough …


EDITORIAL:         Summing Up the Impeachment Show


The procedure was a nearly party line showwith little likelihood of success given GOP control of the Senate. With their control of the House, the impeachment provided Democrats and their cooperative media a priceless opportunity to bad mouth Trump while essentially gagging the Republicans and the Dems made the most of it, manufacturing non-existent offenses to do so.

Once the House voted to impeach the President, the Senate sat still for several weeks of delay while the House actors rehearsed their lines ffor the Senate trial. Then the GOP-controlled Senate handed the Democrats from the House most of an additional week to further bash the President via the attending media before interjecting a comparatively short though factual and telling analysis of the deficiencies in the Democrats’ complaint. The show concluded with a potful of mostly leading questions, one of which from the Republicans, was blocked. Aftter that, the performance was ended with the vote to finish up without additional witness testimony, leaving the final acquittal pro forma.

For this observer, it was all a rather disgraceful show, a prostitution of the Constitutional process, which was abused by the Democrats for political purposes, trashing Trump before the coming election. It was even more shameful for the Republicans, who did not have to provide their opponents the weeks of preparation and hours of unsupported accusations they handed to the Democrats in the Senate. This observer’s conclusion: Neither party is happy with Trump but only the Democrats are willing to say so. It would appear that both the Dems and the GOP are chagrinned that the people have elected someone one of them did not first bless; an event unlikely to be repeated after 2020. The Democrats and Republicans have made it as difficult as they can but perhaps it is a good time to consider new political parties in America?

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