GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe current selection:

Australia: Brush fires 1974/1975 far worse than today’s “crisis” (Report)

Corruption: The secret FISA court is complicit in the FBI abuse it condemns (Article)

More Government: Dept. of Justice picks man who scammed FISA court to reform FISA court? (Report)

Politics: Court blocks Air Force HIV positive medical discharge (Report)

Mars: Vanishing water challenges colonization (Report)

China: Fending off Christianity and Islam via returning to old Chinese traditions (Article) (While quashing the new threats …)

Iraq, Federal Reserve and Trump: Things nobody tells us about international finance (Article)

Canada: Internet info making natives restless at their cost of living? (Article)

History: How America is repeating the history of empires (Article)

Spain: Has elected a new, socialist government with an ambitious agenda? (Report)

The economy: Child care cost rising toward equivalence with rent? (Article)

The internet: Scammers switching to use real people, fake images/videos on social media? (Report)

Iran: Street protests expand after flight shot down (Article)

Geology: Volcanos and earthquakes heating up worldwide (Article)

The media: A new Russiagate roars into news sans evidence? (Article)

The economy: Shopping malls suffering as sales go online (Article)

Iraq: More missiles fall on bases shared with Americans (Report)

West Virginia invites Virginia counties to secede and join it instead? (Report)

Government: The FBI arrested 3 young men as a preventive measure? (Report) (Poor policing or reporting or both?)

Corruption: Consumer Reports claims condoms from Planned Parenthood are unreliable? (Report) (Well, PP is in the abortion business …)

Government owes so much money so far uncollected from taxpayers that the system is toast? (Article) (Yup)

Corruption: Playing games with government backed student loans? (Article)

Iran: Update (Article)

Healthcare: Chief scientist contradicts propaganda, vaccines do include risks (Report)

Corruption: Much of Flint, MI state water crisis funds were used for other purposes (Report)

The culture: Sugar babies attend college at the expense of sugar daddies? (Report)

The economy: U.S. Treasury to issue 20 year bonds to fund soaring deficit (Article) (Watch who buys …)

Corruption: Georgia election server found hacked? (Report)

Lebanon: Paralyzed government, enormous debt, banks strictly limiting withdrawals, street riots (Article) (Why haven’t the media noticed?)

The economy: What happens when the Fed stops pumping? (Article) (Good question. Lon overdue)

China: Birthrate drops into problem (Report)

More China: The end of the economic miracle? (Article)

 Corruption: FBI protecting dirty cops? (Report)

The church: The Pope will renounce clerical celibacy by February? (Report)  (At least for south America )

Corruption: Interesting view of Democrat/Ukraine peculations (Article) (Left alone by equally guilty Republicans?)

The media: “Loss of truth in in the media is a threat to our democracy” (Article) (Or a signal that it’s passing?)

Technology: Military night vision has come of age (Article)

Corruption: TSA seized elderly passenger’s life savings at airport; no indication of crime (Report0 (Relatively common practice)

Geopolitics: One analysis of the big picture (Article) (Interesting and factual but includes opinions)

The culture: The machines have us trained for obedience (Article)

The U.S. dollar: The use and abuse of the world’s top financial weapon (Article)

International charities: Suffering under human reality (Article)

Corruption: Inspector General Horowitz in cover-up? (Report)

The Federal Reserve short circuits free market risk? (Article) (Ain’t no free markets left …)

Libya: Bold LNA move as endgame begins (Article)

The war on guns: Deep state conspiracy behind looming false flag event? (Article) (Interesting facts, if accurate)

Chicago: 3 dead, 8 wpimded om weelemd sjpptomgs (Re[prt)_

A naked man was arrested standing over a fatal stabbing (Report)



EDITORIAL:         Our Planet Is Becoming More Interesting?


If you can tear yourself away from Trump’s impeachment and the awful threat looming from wherever is popular this week for a moment, current planetary hijinks are worth a modicum of attention. If present reports are to be believed (a reasonable debate these days), our earth is quaking and pumping ash and some lava out of its recently quiescent volcanos somewhat more than we have become accustomed to seeing. Add to that the fact that our North Magnetic Pole is migrating toward Siberia. And the planet’s protective (from solar radiation) magnetic field is weakening. What are we to think?

Major General Drayson drew giggles back when he noted that the cooler out shell of our planet likely moved differently than the solid core, lubricated by the molten rock between the two. Over time, that could jazz up geysers and volcanos as they moved from cooler to hotter spots below. Might explain geomagnetic reversals, too. And even ice ages. The previously giggling scientists aren’t laughing so much at that now, though they still prefer to forget the General, who wasn’t a scientist. But they’re showing considerably more interest in planetary precession. (You can Google it, if interested.)

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