GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The economy: Huge amounts of gold and cash are quietly disappearing (Article) (Why would anyone hoard cash in times like these? You decide …)

Technology: Jamming GPS signals in war and crime (Article)

Immigration: Congress approved farm bill includes amnesty for over a million illegals (Report)

Space: Military competition heating up? (Article)

The church: German bishops include homosexuality with “normal” human behavior (Report)

The culture: U.S. leads world in single motherhood (Article) (And those kids lead the prison population)

Robocalls may start to decline under new U.S. law (Report)

The economy: Another time bomb waiting in public pensions (Video)

The U.S. economy: How can tent cities coexist with a “great” economy? (Report)

New York City: Muslim Patrol vs criminal Bloods contending for control? (Article)

The war on cash: Will China become the world’s first cashless society? (Article)

The economy: Where’s The Inflation? It’s In Stocks, Real Estate And Higher ED (Article) (And healthcare)

Smart TV’s are cheap because they track your data? (Report)

China: Another take on conditions in a key segment of tech competition

Israel: The proxy attacks of the European Union (Article)

Healthcare: The continuing politicization of medical schools (Article) (And doctors)

Retirement Plans: Congress just meddled again (Article)

Government: Why is the U.S. gold reserve auditor lying? (Article)

Technology: New downward-tilting toilets to improve employee productivity? (Report) (Crippling constipation takes on new meaning)

The economy: Demographic doom by 2024? (Article)

California law outlawing Uber/Lyft driver contracts multiplies layoffs generally (Report)

Obamacare: Key funding provision unconstitutional per appeal, Supreme Court next? (Report)

Beauty pageant sued for barring transgender male (Report)

Healthcare: New Trump  rule to allow importing cheaper drug prescriptions from Canada (Report)

15 year sentence for Iowa man convicted of anti-homosexual flag burning? (Report)

The Olympics: Russian doping ban while others get free pass shows politicization growth? (Article)

The culture: If you carry a phone, someone’s tracking you? (Article)

The climate: The U.N.’s ‘woke’ climate propaganda is an insult to science (Article)

France: Pension riots warn world (Report)

The war on the internet: Russia testing domestic internet that excludes world wide web (Report)

The economy: Some U.S. states’ consumers exceed 40% debt delinquency (Report)

U.S. Government talking to GM about deploying self-driving cars without steering wheels (Report)

(Another triumph of hope over experience?)

Science: Increase in radiation targeting earth plus magnetic polar shift cooling climate and triggering volcanos (Report)

Iraq: Christians bear brunt of civil degeneration (Report)

The church: Pope says the West is post-Christian; Church must adapt (Report) (We had to destroy My Lai in order to save t …)

The economy: Progressive California minimum wage hike closing small restaurants (Article)

Chicago: 2 killed, 15 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer (Report)

The end


EDITORIAL:         The Impeachment Show; Second Act Or No?


Media propagandists pursuing ratings argue House Speaker Pelosi’s delaying delivery of the articles of impeachment to the Senate and House demands affecting any Senate trial. Of course, it is all nonsense intended to keep Trump demonization current. The President was impeached when the House vote to do so was recorded. Physical delivery of anything is immaterial; if either house has made rules requiring that, that rule may be altered by its maker.

Whether there will be a Senate trial is a decision for the Senate as is the procedure used, so long as it fulfills the other requirements of the Constitution. President Trump has demanded a trial during which he can present witnesses and information favorable to him. The Democrats demand presentation of an expansion of their case for his impeachment. The Republicans may prefer to dismiss the case as quickly as possible regardless of Trump’s preference, thus heading off hours of posturing for TV audiences. We shall see ….

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