alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Japan: Government will stimulate the struggling economy – again (Article) (Spend itself rich)

The culture: British soccer fan arrested for “racist gestures” (Report)

The economy: Phony, pumped-up prosperity inflated by the Federal Reserve (Article)

China: Espionage update (Article)

Corruption: 8 indicted for funneling illegal foreign donations to Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff and others (Report)

The internet: Drudge Report sold to new owner? (Founder escaping ahead of government intrusion?)

Science: When DNA tests are false (Article)

Energy: Another view of the pipeline giving Russia some control of European utilities (Article)

Corruption: U.S. government continues to lie about the Afghan war, documents show (Report)

The war on the internet: Countries pursue internet tariffs (Report)

More internet: Twitter suspended journalists for posting facts of Pensacola shooting (Report)

Surveillance: U.S. has more cameras watching per citizen than China? (Report)

The economy: Debt forgiveness is hot on the political Left (Article) (Never mind that it destroys someone’s wealth)

The war on the internet: Security experts warn against government efforts to weaken encryption (Report)

France: Massive protests against plan to bring pensions within government ability to pay (Report)

Reality: Three major imbalances – Financial, Trust and Geopolitical (Article) (Recommended!)

Libya: Update (Article)

Information warfare: China/Iran spring embarrassing leaks (Article)

Northern California: Electric grid needs faster replacement (Report)

The media: Five Horowitz  FBI findings presently ignored by media (Article)

Science: Study shows oral contraceptives shrink women’s brains? (Report)

U.S. Pacific coast presenting strangeness (Article)

The FBI is asking the U.S. Postal Service to collect fingerprints? (Article)

Science: Earth’s magnetic north pole continues migration toward Siberia (Article)

The culture: Police investigating hidden cameras in Hyatt hotel rooms (Report)

Healthcare: Health insurer will track patient’s use of medications (Report)

More culture: Central banks alarming move toward social engineering (Article)

The Federal Reserve has absorbed 90% of U.S. Treasury debt issuance since September (Article) (Unfulfillable promises)

The war on the internet: Users love Telegram; governments want it gone? (Article)

Science: Breakthrough allows transistors to serve as both switch and memory (Report)

The culture: : Leftists to protest against democracy after UK election loss (Report) (They’re honest, anyway)

Britain will now leave the European Union (Article) (Then, what?)

India: Protests mount against immigrant citizenship law (Report)

Politics: Republicans agree to massive spending, ignore deficits (Report)

The culture: Los Angeles high schools/Planned Parenthood to open sexual/mental health clinics, supply birth control (Report)

The culture: Police seize parents’ locked away guns after son brings ammo to school (Report)

California: 25% of legal gun owners blocked from ammo purchases by new law (Report)

Detroit: Over 25,000 dead are registered to vote per Federal lawsuit? (Report)

Chicago: One dead, fourteen wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested at a sex sting (Report)

And that’s all …

EDITORIAL:         Trusting the Vote Count

Noting the rigged elections elsewhere, the regularly reported numbers of dead people  still registered to vote, the ever-growing presence of hacking supposedly secure computers and the burgeoning political corruption, how much longer should we expect a trustworthy vote count in the United States? Donald Trump’s election provides some current confidence since it is clear that neither party wanted his election, but that very fact likely encourages more aggressive attempts to control election outcomes. Are we sufficiently concerned?

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