GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannDisgorged from the week:

Science: Type 2 diabetes is found to be reversible (Report)

U.S. bridges/Roads are deteriorating, maintenance inadequate (Report)

President Trump: A rather different take on America’s chief executive (Article)

The economy: Millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers at the same age? (Article)

Government: Pentagon audit still inadequate (Report) (Incompetence or corruption?)

Iran: Massive street protests again (Report)

The war on the internet: Another angle on social media censorship (Article)

War: The automated army taking shape? (Report)

The economy: Pensions affected by zero interest policies (Report)

The government: Spending in first 2.5 years of Trump 13% higher than Obama (Report)

Columbia: Reeling under Venezuela’s collapse (Report)

 Social Security is at greater risk than presently admitted (Demographics) (Article)

Government: House Speaker Pelosi declared that it is “weak, dangerous to let election decide” (Report) Russia maneuvers for natural gas supremacy in Europe as U.S. frets (Report)  (Russia will control Europe’s winter heat?) More

Global Politics: Another view of recent history (Article)

Science: Doctors freeze and revive human for first time? (Report) (Not quite)

Corruption: Ukraine indictment claims Obama link, Biden group involvement in billions laundered (Article)

California: Electricity blackouts continue (Article)

Iran: 100+ protesters killed, internet shut down (Article)

North Korea: Update (Article)

China – And the world economy – at the end of the road? (Article)

Chicago: Red light cameras set for revenue, not safety? (Article)

Spaceflight: Blood clots new issue for astronauts (Article)

More sciencd: Animal adolescents filled with teen drama, peer pressure? (Article)

Mexico: Disintegrating society threatens U.S. with huge refugee problem? (Article)

The economy: Why a minimum wage is a destructive delusion (Article)

Corruption: UAW president resigns amid corruption probe (Article)

Israel: Update (Article)

India: Drifting into authoritarianism?,?

Politics: Socialism rising, again (Article) (Fruit of progressive education)

  The Church: International financial watchdog yanks Vatican access (Report) (The devil is in the details)

The climate: Now it’s global cooling? (Article)

More climate: Some less mentioned realities (Article)

The internet: 1.2 B people’s data left unprotected on Google cloud server (Report)

The economy: Clear explanation of Federal Reserve’s funny money game (Article) (Manufactured money to counter unrepayable debt)

Corruption: Media overlook TALF “Welfare for the rich” government handouts? (Article)

Weapons: DNA kits in combat prove very useful (Article)

Economics: There is no end to history (Article) (Brilliant analysis, very dry humor)

The (Fake) economy: The Hollowing Out of America (Article)

Chicago: 1 dead, 26 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was dragged down a Charlestown street by a man who was arrested (Report)

Enough, right?


EDITORIAL:         A Question Concerning Journalists and Governments

Massive antigovernment street protests are persisting in a growing number of places while most of the alleged journalists are obsessing over a patently fabricated, partisan impeachment process aimed at the U.S. president. The magnitude, number and locations of these very public outbreaks is both impressive and unusual. Why now?

One factor is probably the arrival of worldwide audio/visual communications and their widespread use by both activists and journalists. Another is the increasing organization of such activities by well-funded promoters with political agendas. There is usually someone available in most any situation who is glad to give your life for his cause. And everywhere, “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” With the internet for the moment available in most places, people can be less quiet.

Governments are for the moment, somewhat nonplussed as to how to respond. China has not responded overtly to Hong Kong events and seems to be looking for some means for applying brutality invisibly. France is pretending not to notice. Iraq and Iran are naturally killing people, though as yet not wholesale. Perhaps most interesting: How much more information is available but remains unreported by newsfolk.

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