GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannCurrent offering:

Germany hate speech censorship (Report) (Who decides?)

Corruption: California to borrow/spend $3.2B for another high speed train to nowhere (Article)

Turkey: Sweeping Kurds out of bordering Syria (Article) (Dead or alive irrelevant …)

The economy: A declining middle class is fertilizer for political unrest? (Article)

Cyberwarfare: Hacking the internet is now just another form of eternal warfare (Article)

The Internet: Government propaganda by paid trolls (Article)

Bolivia: Massive protests force socialist president to resign? (Report)

Education: What do you do with a B.A. in English? (Article)

Sudan/S.Sudan: Fighting over spoils from a fallen dictator (Article)

The economy: Young Los Angeles workers living in rented pods (Report) (Living standard decline)

Israel:  200+rocket attack from Gaza again (Report)

More Israel: Food from Israeli settlements requires special labels in E.U. (Report) (To support boycott)

Bolivia: Another angle on the recent expulsion of President Morales (Article)

Mexico: Pirates attacked an offshore oil well supply ship (Report)

Archeology: Ancient Minoans on Crete were more advanced than thought (Report)

Government: Federal court rules travelers/devices search only when probable cause (Article)

Venice: Worst flood in 50 years blamed on climate change (Report) (But city still sinking)

California’s war on Uber may wipe out its independent truckers? (Article)

U.S. Agriculture: Rain, floods and early snow hitting harvests (Article)

California: Wildfire reality dodged by politicians playing blame game? (Article)

The war on guns: Supreme Court allows shooting victims to sue gunmakers (Report) (Can traffic victims sue carmakers?)

The economy:  WHY and HOW most never seem to get  ahead (Article)

Fun and games in the gold market (Article)

Bolivia: Another take on the President’s fall (Article)

The war on Uber: New Jersey joins California shutting down the ride sharing model (Article)

The economy: Sub prime auto loans becoming a threat? (Article)

China: Hong Kong and beyond – update (Article)

The war on guns: The FIX NICS Act empowers government to decide who may possess a gun (Report)

China: Financial health insecure (Article)

Dept of Homeland Security collecting biometrics (Article)

 The internet: How Google fiddles search results (Article)

The Internet: How Google scams search for fun, profit and politics (Article)

Smart phones: More fake I.D.s and more surveillance (Article)

Science: Breakthrough clearing unwanted cells from blood (Report)

More science: Big step forward clarifies photosynthesis; crop gains expected (Report)

Still more science: Imaging breakthrough using ghost imaging (Report)

The war on the internet: You Tube expands power to deny accounts (Article)

Education: Ivy League schools dropping standardized graduate admissions exam  (Article)

The economy: Global debt will end the year at 330% of global GDP? (Article) (Globalist suicide pact?)

France: Ongoing Yellow Vest protests anniversary met by tear gas, water cannon (Report)

The economy: America’s workers struggle despite “strong” economy (Report)

U.S. robocalls now 2,000 per second? (Report)

Israel: More rocket fire from Gaza triggered more retaliation (Report)

Healthcare: Hospital prices must now be revealed (Report) (A breakthrough)

The Federal Reserve is devaluing the U.S. dollar – and lying about it? (Article)

U.S. politics: More states intend to assign all electoral votes to popular vote winner (Article)

Chicago: 2 dead, 16 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after breaking into a chicken coop (Report)

Enoungh, already


EDITORIAL:         Hospital Prices Big Reveal?


The Trump Administration has ruled that hospitals must reveal their prices, heretofore mysterious and guarded. If that happens (no bets) we may discover how much their patients are paying for the emergency room services provided non-paying patients, costs that are routinely tacked onto the bills of paying patients. It may also bring various hospitals’ charges for the same services into line; historically, these have varied wildly. This is long overdue rationality for health care, an inordinately costly service. The degree of good that will result is likely proportional to the amount of anti-Trump vilification that results.

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