GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorredted)

alfred_e-_neumannThe weekly selection:

Iraq: Police snipers shooting protesters as unrest mounts (Report) (Corruption, poor services, unemployment)

The economy: European Central Bank attacked by safely retired bankers (Article)

China: How to steal industrialization and progress (Article)

More China: Citizens will have to pass facial recognition test to use internet (Report)

Still more China: Those Chinese hackers update (Article)

Corruption: “The Hill” reporter exposing more Biden/Ukraine dealing and FBI knew (Report)

Algeria: Update – Reform or illusion? (Article)

The U.S.: Democracy has become a coat of paint over an imperial state? (Article)

Ecuador: Violent protests respond to end of fuel subsidies (Report)

California: 800,000 to feel electricity shut off as fall winds threaten fire (Article)

The economy: The road to serfdom via Negative Interest Rates (Article)

More economy: America’s Founders warned us: The dismal history of central banking (Article)

The climate: Toilet paper is a new target for environmentalists (Report)

China: Huge boost in U.S. hog exports as swine fever hits Chinese pigs (Article)

The economy: How the U.S. rich get richer and the poor get poorer (Article) (An excellent analysis)

More China: General update on population control and foreign policy (Article)

The economy: Federal Reserve dumps another $83 B fiat money into financial system (Report)

Thousands more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia? (Report)

Iranian oil tanker adds to mysterious “attacks” In the Red Sea? (Article)

Government: Police park patrol robot in California ignores crime? (Report)

China: The economy buckles under trade war? (Article)

Chicago: 4 dead, 12 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested on U.S. 70 (Report)

And that’s all, folks …


EDITORIAL:      An American Coup d’Etat?


Coup: A seizure of power

The Democrats current attack on the President, very quietly supported by more Republicans than are willing to admit their position, seems so clearly manufactured and self-serving as to approach the definition of a farce. However, there is nothing farcical about setting aside the U.S. Constitution for political gain, and that, it seems to us, is how the present hijinks add up. The attack on President Trump is a tacit rejection of the election without evidence that it was not valid. Refusal to accept results of a valid election is repudiation of constitutional government. Apparently, these folk believe that they, not the American voters, are entitled to select their president

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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