GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

France: Another massive “Yellow Vest” protest ignored by the media? (Report)

The culture: First grader arrested, handcuffed, charged for school tantrum (Report)

More culture: Trump tells University of North Carolina and Duke: Quit promoting Islam on our dime (Report)

Still more culture: Indebted college girls expanding internet prostitution? (Article)

China: Dealing with its turkish Moslems (Video)

South Korean exports drop 21% (Article)

Automation And The Crisis Of Work (Article)

Finance: Biometrics replacing purses/wallets/credit cards spooks some? (Article)

The climate: Governor Cuomo’s war on electric power and central heating just hit a roadblock (Article)

New Orleans: 1 in 7 adults has arrest warrant issued? (Report)

More economy: Federal Reserve bails out banks again (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve pumps $71.7 B  instant money into financial system (Report) (The Trump economy: Borrow yourself rich …)

The culture: Leftist propaganda is replacing history in U.S. high schools? (Article) (Not just high schools?)

The climate: The fallacies of the rush to renewable energy (Article)

Sudan: Update and some light on international corruption (Article)

Israel: Civil defense for perpetual attack (Article)

Corruption: Facebook will not sanction rule breaking posts of politicians (Report)

Drone drops contraband to prison inmate (Video)

The economy: U.S. Median household income same as 20 years ago? (Report)

Iraq: Update (Article)

China: “Super surveillance” camera to link with Social Credit system (Report)

Surveillance: New Google gadget watches, listens and reports from inside homes (Article)

Pets are becoming as unaffordable as college, homes and healthcare? (Article)

Congo: Ebola and corruption (Article)

Healthcare: Employee cost now exceeds $20,000 per year each? (Article)

Chidago: 5 dead, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after appearing in the bed of a woman who did not know him (Report)

And that’s all …


EDITORIAL:      Some Ukrainian Questions


Why was the son of the U.S. Vice President serving on the board of a Ukrainian gas company? How many other U.S. politicians maintain incestuous relations with foreign entities?

What does this tell us of Ukraine’s resistance to its invasion by Russia and why has this continuing war disappeared from the “news”? To what extent has the U.S. supported Ukraine against Russia and why secretly? Has there been in fact, a quid pro quo for that support?

The unpleasant odor of corruption …?

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