GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThis week:

The economy: Are U.S. cities growing a permanently homeless underclass? (Article)

Government: Will the U.S. federal E-Verify citizen I.D. data base become a control tool? (Article)

Hong Kong, China: Hundreds of thousands protested extradition from Hong Kong to the mainland for trials of Hong Kong residents (The new law is now 0n hold)

Univ of Texas quarterback arrested, suspended from team for “terroristic threat”

Corruption: Bipartisan Senate vote dismissed budget balancing bill (Report)

Congress: A new, bipartisan bill to establish government informers throughout society to identify individuals who may commit future crimes? (Article)

Californiia extends health care benefits to illegals? (Report)

Censorship: Continuing the perpetual push to control what we know (Article)

Los Angeles: 16,000 now live in cars, trucks, RBs? (Report)

California: Using a new law to shut down Christian boarding school?  (Report)

Rhode Island: Dying Catholic parish revitalized by return to traditional Latin mass? (Article)

The economy: California’s “staggering” homeless count somehow in “booming” economy? (Article)

Immigration: Arrivals from Ebola places unscreened, no quarantine? (Report)

More immigration: Border Patrol dumps thousands of arrested illegals into border communities? (Report)

Government: How much longer can the Federal Reserve maintain the pumped-up economy? (Article)

North Kores: Update (Article) (Overblown menace continues downhill)

The economy: Worldwide, retirees funding becoming insufficient to support them? (Article)

Science: Breakthrough explains, may prevent hardening arteries (Report)

Edit anything anyone says on video using new software? (Report)

Education: Another angle on college entry corruption (Article)

The church: Young Catholics drawn to Tridentine (Latin) mass? (Article)

The war on cash: Safety deposit boxes can no longer have gold bullion or non-collectible currency? (Report)

Middle East tanker attack description by U.S. disputed by Japanese tanker owner (Report)

Negative interest debt still at world highs? (Article)

Fed Chair Powell’s plan to pickle the U.S. economy (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 38 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after urinating on a convenience store (Report)

And that’s the week …



The U.S. government and Iran are trading accusations over the source of the explosions that have been damaging tankers around Hormuz, leaving one of them burning as its crew was rescued by the U.S. Navy. The Japanese owner of one of the ships said that his sailors told a story that differed from the U.S. news release. Who to believe, these days?

More significant perhaps, is the fact that today’s major munitions, even nukes, can obviously now be delivered anonymously so easily. What sort of world is that leading to, do you suppose?

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