All Congressional Democrats and too many Republicans, instead of performing their elected jobs, seem largely devoted to eliminating President Trump if possible and if not, preventing his execution of his office.  The political parties appear to represent neither the people nor the Constitution, acting instead as though they are somehow entitled to control the country. This is in fact, a constitutional crisis; such unsustainable conditions must devolve back into normal democratic behavior or forward into fundamental government change. Given the governmental methods and the technology on display in China and appearing in varying degrees everywhere, totalitarian governance supported by faux elections seems if this continues, the most likely outcome.

This is coming to a head in a slowing world economy in which both democratic and totalitarian politicians have tried to maintain themselves in power by financially manipulating their economies to provide the masses with the hollow illusion of economic progress and security. An irrational excess of debt financing, public and private, has reached a point where its scheduled repayment cannot be met by existing economies. Every U.S. citizen owes, in addition to any individual obligations, almost a quarter of a million dollars of the country’s total debt, plus interest. Add that said interest will as debt rises, soon cost more than the U.S. military. The money has been spent upon bribing voters, military adventures and corruption; none of that being economically productive. The U.S. Treasury continues to float the dollar by repaying federal debt as it comes due – with newly borrowed money. Deficits continue to expand the debt, a still growing financial cancer imposed upon a heedless electorate by irresponsible politicians.

In the midst of these political and financial assaults, another ticking time bomb is the ongoing devolution of the industrialized middle class under relentless pressures from external competition and internal automation.  U.S. politicians and unions first overpriced American labor in return for political power; now they are sending the country’s technology and capital offshore and importing poor migrants, replacing costly American labor  in order to remain competitive at the cost of a decimated middle class. Descendants of those whom have lived the American dream seem unlikely to go gently into this darkening, impoverished night.

The American and many of the world’s other economies are balloons drifting through a rose garden. They are bemused by the flowers and fragrance, ignoring the thorns. Those thorns however, will not be ignored; the inherent devaluation of artificially cheapened money and the accompanying inflation of the values of property are unsustainable when the supporting debt is finally appreciated as worthless.

President Trump is gambling upon remaining afloat until he has reached his second, final term; the Federal Reserve has accommodated his desires for the moment, holding off its return to normal interest rates and pausing in its reduction of its balance sheet. If the current economic slowing continues, a hasty return to helicopter money – and inflation risk – seems likely. With that, the U.S. will have adopted its own version of the sort of governmental economic planning and control represented by the Soviets and currently, by Venezuela. We will of course be assured that this time, it will be different, just as were the voters of Venezuela..

Meanwhile, demonstrating possibly sexual interest in a woman, arguing with a liberal college professor or politically incorrect posting on social media may produce punishment, particularly for white men. Expect  continuation of the decline in personal liberty and stultification of the economy, both presented as cures for the conditions that actually, they have caused. Government, a slave to politics, is not a productive enterprise and in the name of security, inevitably strangles progress over time, seeing it as a threat to stability.

With widespread economic pessimism and both debt and demographics shrinking opportunity, politicians will be tempted toward wars to distract and rally citizens as Russia, China and the U.S. presently illustrate on a relatively small scale. As the need for distraction increases, so will the required size. And while so far, nuclear powers have been able to restrain use of their fearsome munitions, Murphy remains in charge and the list of such threats only expands as the proliferation of such munitions expands their availability.

The United States, Russia, China and Iran actively invade and threaten neighbors, democratic governments revert to dictatorships, economies falter, religious terrorism persists and politicians sow division rather than unity to further their interests while corruption and violence metastasize in post-Christian societies. We are bequeathing our children very interesting times.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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