alfred_e-_neumannOur current collection:

“Operation Gladio”: the secret unholy alliance between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia (Article) (Realities we prefer not to consider)

Geopolitics: Central Asia- Taiwan, the BRI and the geopolitical chessboard (Article)

Government: It’s not the economy, stupid … It’s the state (Article) (Free market or state compulsion)

The culture: Anti-abortion film “Unplanned” is surprise box office success (Report)

The Saudi oil game: Rethinking who’s your daddy … (Article)

Immigration: U.S. government is funding “resettlement” of arriving Central American teens (Report)

New York: The high cost state continues raising taxes (Report) (Undermining its own economy)

War on the internet: Britain to fine or ban Facebook, Google etc. for posts supporting terrorism, child porn, other disapproved subjects (Article) (Censorship proceeds)

Government: Last year, the Federal Government paid $1 B in benefits to dead people? (Article)

The economy: Japan’s central bank continues mummification of the economy (Article)

California: Wants to tax soda, tires, guns, water, pain pills, lawyers, car batteries… (Report)

Amazon: Purging right wing authors? (Report)

The economy: How government will handle the coming debt implosion (Article)

The culture: “Security” data collection and aggregation laying groundwork for future Chinese style Social Credit monitoring in the U.S.? (Article) (Already in place; just government isn’t using it … yet)

The culture: Spyware app targets cell phone owners (Report)

China: The Venezuela venture (Article)

The economy: Prez Reagan’s Budget Director fingers the Federal Reserve (Article)

Google: Goes after conservative sites (Article)

China: Sending Facebook users to concentration camps? (Report)

The war on the internet: Regulators diminishing freedom (Report)

North Korea: Update (Article)

The Middle East: Egypt withdrew from U.S. sponsored anti-Iran alliance (Report)

Science: Human gene implanted in monkeys made them smarter (Report) (Hmnn … Post-robot replacement for human workers?

Government: Court-ordered gender bending medical treatments for teens against parents’ wishes … (Article)

More government: Trump’s North American Free Trade (NAFTA) replacement more protectionist than original it replaced? (Article)

Libya: The battle for Tripoli (Article)

Congress: New Bill would mandate opening girls’ athletics to transgender boys? (Report) (Title IX becoming ironic)

The culture: Lamenting the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (Article) (On a trumped-up charge)

The economy: The middle class is collapsing worldwide? (Report)

The planet: Impending planetary magnetic field reversal accelerating (Article) (Scary radiation threat)

China sanctions Australia with coal buying slowdown? (Article)

Fossil fuels abandonment is currently a delusion (Article)

The economy will fade under growing entitlement burden – Greenspan (Article)

Federal spending hits 10 year high (Report)

Upper middle class feeling pinch too (Article)

War on cash: As cashless stores  grow, so does the backlash (Report)

Science: Discovery of a human gene linked to obesity (Report)

More science: A step toward recycling plastic (Report)

Still more science: Cognitive ability related to DNA sequence variations (Report)

Chicago: 4 dead, 29 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

3 Naked women arrested after high speed chase (Report)

That’s all for now …


EDITORIAL:    Death and Revolution

Perhaps humans need to die because if they did not, too many of their young might be trapped as captive workers for the benefit of longer-lived parents … free help has to be tempting if available.

Perhaps governments deed revolutions because without them, individual freedom is eventually reduced to the point that human progress is seen as too threatening to be permitted …

As it is, new generations proceed and take over in due course; governments controls are removed and replaced with new ideas and human progress continues, if only by fits and starts. And since progress takes humans time to be assimilated, perhaps the intervals when it is minimized are needed as well…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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