GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannHelp yourself:

New York City will charge drivers to enter Manhattan; trucks pay more (Report)

War on the internet: Australian net site providers will face jail if they allow terror vids? (Report)

Oil geopolitics: A new shape for the Middle East? (Article)

President Obama ordered spying on Trump per ex spy director (Report)

CorruptionL: Lawmen charged with accepting bribes from illegal immigrants and drug traffickers (Report)

War on the internet: New porn block struggles to be born in Britain (Article)

The economy: How U.S. middle class shrinkage is affecting hotels (Article)

Government: Superseding parents and families? (Article)

Energy: Prez Trump pushes oil/gas (Report) (From Venezuela to the Arctic and between)

The end of NATO and coming war in Europe? (Article) (Facts are straight; you decide on the predictions)

Immigration: Trump’s U.S. border enforcement dumping hordes of illegals in inland cities (Report)

The internet: California now collects sales taxes on internet sales (Report)

Immigration: Up to 600 arrivals daily in El Paso? (Report)

The next recession: One writer’s predictions (Article) (An optimist?)

India: About to respond to Pakistan with force? (Article)

Corruption: Baltimore auditor quits after pressure to cook books (Article)

The economy: Conventional retail continues shrinkage (Article)

War on the internet: Britain mulls tech CEO’s liability for offensive net content (Report)

The culture: Evicted man arrested, charged for abandoning pet fish (Report)

Immigration: Over 17 k illegals released in U.S. in last 12 days? (Report)

“Education”: Public school teaching first graders about changing genders (Report)

The coming wealth tax ? (Article) (A final endgame for private property ?)

Sudan/South Sudan: Update; disintegration continues (Article)

Syria: The U.S. continues protecting Kurds from Turkish attack? (Report)

Healthcare: “Medieval” diseases spreading via homelessness (Article) (And immigration?)

More healthcare: Resistant bacteria first; now resistant fungi too  Report)

Corruption: Teacher unions oppose law criminalizing sex with students (Report)

Yellowstone supervolcano: A new hot spot emerging (Report) (Experts soothe …)

Some post-Christian U.S. statistics of interest (Article)

Chicago: 3 dead, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested at the University of Delaware (Report)



EDITORIAL: Abandoning a pet fish (report above) results in arrest; arrest; aborting a human baby does not … (Pet fish now worth more than inconvenient people?)

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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