GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom our trip through the week:

Venezuela: Another view of current affairs, and motives (Article)

Russia: Street protests over increasing internet censorship/control (Report)

Technology: The rise of totalitarian tech (Article)

Immigration: Ijjefal entry from Canada rising (Report) (But still minor)

Government: Trump order initiating facial recognition at major U.S. airports (Report) (We can see what’s coming, if we look …)

More Government: Jailing people on suspicion of future terrorism (Article)

Anti-gun activist ejected from hearing for threat to shoot people (Report)

Government: EPA employees destroyed files awaiting audit (Report)

Sudan: More dictatorship, opposition, unrest and deaths  (Article)

China: “Social Credit” system update (Article)

Corruption: Elite college entrance foe sale  (Report)

New York City to outlaw feeding pigeons, squirrels (Reoirt)

The climate: Scientists now seeing global cooling (Report)

The college admissions scandal proves how corrupt America has become (Article)

U.S. power grid vulnerable; extended blackout inevitable? (Article)

Corruption: Baltimore schools scandal squirming into public virw? (Article)

The economy: War spending is bankrupting America (Article)

Government: The European Union telling Europeans what to think? (Article)

Chicago: 1 killed, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after assaulting police (Report)

And so it went this week …



EDITORIAL:  An Immigration Question Nobody’s Asking?


We’re repeatedly told that the U.S. southern border is overwhelmed by record-setting numbers of illegal aliens migrating en masse, though we’re given few useful numbers. We hear of succeeding caravans from Central America. All this requires a lot of money and organization to create and maintain; we’ve wondered before whom are its authors. We’ve wondered too why no one seems ready to tell us those things. That seems a bit odd to us. Now, we have a new wonder:

These arriving masses are, never mind the obfuscating terminology of the propagandists, in plain fact, aliens illegally violating U.S. borders. Therefore, aiding and abetting them is a U.S. crime in itself. So why is  boss U.S. lawman Prez Trump, the most vocal opponent of all this, allowing this massive, organized activity to continue unscathed? We’re told that it is headquartered at a Chicago church. If true, said church has wealth and management skills and staff reaching unlikely magnitudes. The media seem curiously incurious.

Perhaps mass migration is just current political theater, serving various political needs and also serving to distract us from the progressing impoverishment of the U.S. middle class to which it contributes?

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