alfred_e-_neumannThe week:

France: Police up brutality toward yellow vests (Report)

The economy: Government spending doesn’t create economic growth (Article)

More economy: An honest and easy solution to wealth inequality (Article)

Still more economy: Shale oil production prospects are declining? (Article)

Politics: Independent presidential 2020 candidate Howard Schultz (Starbucs ex CEO) said DEBT is the most threatening U.S. issue (Report) (That’s true, of course – what’s his solution?)

Permanent war: The debate over NATO – Is it a necessary alliance or a mobs program for the military/industrial complex? (Article)

Technology: An advance in 3D printing (Reportd)

Government: Japan has supported its economic policies with admittedly bad data? (Article)  (But the U.S. and everyone else are honest, right?)

The U.S. Treasury will borrow over $1 T for a second year to finance the deficit (Report)

Food is a target for more government control? (Report)

Science: Harvesting electric power from wi fi signals (Report) (Now THAT’S recycling!)

Venezuela: U.S. Congressfolk of both parties are meddling  (Article)

Surveillance: A Google sister company packages and sells location data of millions (Article)

Science: A cure for cancer may have been found by Israeli scientists (Report)

The culture: Bankrupt California Utility plans to pay $130 M in bonuses (Article)

Energy: Trump moves to limit state restrictions of projects, especially oil/gas pipelines (Article)

Las Vegas shooter’s motive will remain guesswork per FBI (Article) (58 dead and a suspicious oder)

Virginia democrats are considering a bill  legalizing infanticide? (Report)

Science: Brain signals translated into speech (Report)

More science: Ant-reflective coating makes plastic invisible (Report)

The economy: Federal Reserve chickening out of normalizing the money supply under political pressures? (Article)

Government: The problem is the politicization of everything  ( A natural result of involving government in everything)

The culture: Walgreens’ refrigerators will be watching you on behalf of advertisers (Article)

India: Arctic cold in North India (Report) (Not only the U.S.)

Science: Progress understanding obesity (Report)

How police make millions by seizing private property (Article) (Legal robbery)

India: Politicians increasing the deficit to buy votes (Report)

Government: U.S. Navy’s white elephant; 3 new ships with nowhere to go (Report)

Pennsylvania: Large r of illegal voters (Article)

Science: U.S. experiments in gene editing human embryos (?Report)

Racism: A staple in South Africa, without media notice (Report)

The U.S.: Cash bans and wealth taxes are coming (Article) (A sales pitch, but likely correct)

NATO: Eutope/U.S. bond unraveling? Germany disrespects F35 purchase (Article)

U.S. Government: Now accesses commercial DNA data bases without warrant? (Article)

Venezuela: Will the U.S. meddling succeed in ousting Maduro? (Article)

Trump says military intervention in Venezuela is an option (Report)

Trump said: “We have got to get out of these endless wars” (Report)D

Venezuela: Government, military staff beginning mutiny (Report)

More Venezuela: U.S. vs China (Article)

Chicago: 8 shot, none dead in first weekend without a murder (Report)

A naked man was arrested after biting his dog and an FBI agent (Report)

And so it was.





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