History: Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack remembered – with a little information unavailable at the time. (Article)

U.S. military veterans can shop at the online exchange? (Report)  eligibility

Russia: Space programs update (Article)

 Corruption: U.S. government funds radical political programs worldwide (Report) (Judicial Watch finds taxpayers funding George Soros programs)

 Immigration: Illegas in Tijuana trickling under and over wall (Report)

More immigration: The Trumpfolk are depoorting fewer illegals than Obama did (Report) (The Democratic states are refusing to identify them for the feds)

France: Yellow vest protest is more than we are told … (Report)

 The “trade war”: Another view of show about China (Article)

The culture: FBI raided a lice removal salon in California (Report) (California is lousy?)  

Immigration: Left wants repeal of historic requirement that immigrants demonstrate self-sufficiency (Report)

Ecuador: Is now hurting from burden of Chinese loans (Report)

Immigration: Some 1,100 illegals enter the U.S. daily? (Report)

Google: Approved an app for Muslims to report blasphemy, insults to Islam (Report)  (Crimes with a death sentence)

California wants to tax text messages? (Report)

The climate: Switching to a home battery won’t help (Report)

The Federal Reserve: Political chickens coming home to roost … (Article)

Government: FBI plans rapid response DNA database  (Report) (How long before everyone is posted at birth?)

Science: Bumblebees broadcast sensor data with their portable radios? (Report) (Hmn … will the spies be using bugged bugs?)

North Korea: Update (Article)

Healthcare: Obamacare unconstitutional per federal judge (Report)

Border wall: Must allow immigrants to pass per federal court (Report)

Stocton, Ca: Launching the first U.S> “basic incomed” pilot program (Report) (Stockton recently filed bankruptcy …)

Syria: U.S. troops will stay indefinitely (Report) (Presumably to stymie Iran?) Perhaps “Russia’s New Rules of Engagement” are involved?

The economy: How the U.S. fake capitalism is becoming terminal (Article)

More economy: European auto registrations plunge for a 3rd month (Article)

The war against globalism (Article)  (Is it the 1% versus the people?)

U.S. demands Europe join its (economic) war against Russia (Article)  

Chicago: 2 dead, 27 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested rolling around in a Bronx street (Video)

The human condition, this date …


  1. Why don’t “journalists” tell us who’s funding the immigrant caravans?
  2. Why is Special Prosecutor Mueller’s new filing in a locked-down, secret courtroom?
  3.  Who’s REALLY in charge of the U.S. government?

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