alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Google plans to monitor our moods, movements and kid’s behavior in our homes (Report) (Who else will want the data, to what purposes?)

Government: Are voters losing confidence in the integrity of elections? (Article)

Census Bureau: U.S. retirees will outnumber children for the first time in 2030 (Report) (Soylent Green …)

The economy: Percentage of working Americans will continue decline (Article)

Immigration: Border violence building (Report) (Choreographed political theater, we suspect)

Healthcare: Medicaid may pay for food and housing? (Report) (Healthcare becomes welfare?)

The war on cash: Sweden – The government getting cold feet? (Article)

Technology: GM’s gas/electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt is discontinued (Report) (Unfortunately, the taxpayer subsidy of GM continues?)

The culture: Student loans owed to the U.S. government now total almost $1.5 T  (Report)  (And nobody seems frightened …)

More culture: 8 demographic trends reshaping America’s future (Article)

The economy: New home and auto sales declining (Reports) (Will it hold together for Trump through 2020?)

Electric scooters causing a “flood” of injuries? (Report)

Immigration: Groups of illegal aliens continue to exploit gaps in U.S. border, unseen by media (Article)

Healthcare: U.S. life expectancy continues to decline (Report)

Education: Cases of improper student – teacher relationships rising (Report) (Duh …)

California: An assisted suicide law is moving through the legislature (Report)

South Africa: Government uncompensated seizure of white citizens’ land upheld (Report) (Race-based, discriminatory robbery: Where’s the outrage?)

Science: 2.4 M year old North African tools may rewrite the human origin story (Report)

More science: Hubbell uncovers thousands of globular star clusters among galaxies (Report) (Our universe is even larger)

Still more science: The oldest primate ancestor was from North America? (Report)

Education: The New York Times (!) came out demanding teaching phonics to reduce illiteracy (Report)

Germany: Selling out Ukraine for Russian gas? (Report)

The culture: Huge rise in sex-related diseases (Report) (Duh!)

The economy: U.S. consumer debt to hit $4 T  (Report)  (Future income already spent …)

Philadelphia: Finally forced to restrict unsupported seizures of cash, cars and homes (Report)

Government: Unsupported seizures continue elsewhere  (Article)

More government: In Europe, is criticizing mass migration about to become a hate crime? (Article)

Chicago: 4 dead, 19 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked Las Vegas man was arrested after knocking on a door while bloody (Report)

The end




  1. Specifically Who funds, recruits, organizes and supervises “caravans” of illegal aliens?
  2. Why aren’t we informed?

With money spent in Central America and Mexico, sources can’t be hidden. Should not reporters be publicizing those responsible for this cynical, uncaring use of deluded illegal aliens?

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