GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

The Vatican: U.S. cardinal speaks out: The Pope and Curia have long known and covered up sex abuse now producing scandal (Report) (Hope he has excellent security ?)

Robot-made burgers wow crowd in San Francisco (Report) (Robo-cocktails/coffee make sense?)

The Constitution: U.S. judge bans internet publication of 3D printed gun blueprints (Report) (Temporary ban until multi-states trial is decided)

The media: Pittsburgh has become the largest U.S. city without a daily print newspaper (Report)

Ukraine: Russian invasion update (Report) (Yes, it’s still going on.)

Armenia: Devolving toward dictatorship? (Report) (And Russia waiting to swallow it again)

Science: Sugar isn’t the villain you’ve been told it is? (Report)

The economy: Traditional banks are challenged by digital finance as WalMart is by Amazon (Article)

South Africa: President doesn’t notice he’s lubricating war on whites? (Article)

Science: A new, unknown neuron discovered in the human brain? (Report)

The internet: Political conservatives are heavily censored by Facebook, Google, Twitter, You-Tube etc per a Media Research Center study (Report)

The culture: First girl joins Texas high school football team (Report) (“Whom the gods would destroy …) Fewer kids signing up for high school football (Report)

California: Replaces pretrial cash bail with risk analysis release system (Report)

Women are better drivers than men, study finds (Report) (Hmn – wonder if that will continue?)

The oil wars: Tightening U.S. Iran sanctions raising prices of oil/gas? (Report)

Argentina: Currency collapses  – again (Report)

The economy: Why the Fed should end – again (Article)

St. Louis: A city prosecutor announced that she will no longer accept cases from 28 city police (Report)

The war on the church: Judges demanding testimony from confessions? (Report)

More war on church: Los Angeles judge ordered priest testimony re confession (Report)  Missourri joins in, Pennsylvania probe reports

New York ignores child sex abuse rampant at state agencies? (Report) (Never mind public schools …)

The culture: Brawl on plane when drunken woman gave lap dances to strangers? (Report)

Indonesia: Terrorism Update (Article)

The middle East: U.S. stopes funding Palestinians (Report) (Getting serious about peace with Israel? )

The culture: End of the Village Voice (Report) (Famed cultural landmark newspaper closes)

Iran/Iraq: Tehran has moved missiles into Iraq, now can reach Tel Aviv (Report) (Going forward surrounding Israel with Hezbollah-like forces and expanding influence in Arab countries)

Afghanistan: China is moving in, expanding influence (Article)

Islamic Terrorism: Update/history (Article)\

Chicago: 3 dead, 25 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man walking down a busy Huntsville street was arrested (Report)

Which ought to be enough for the week.



Publicizing and punishing Catholic clergy for previously ignored sexual predation on children is overdue and admirable. Failure to include other clergy, state children’s agencies and noble the public schools similar behaviorally problems replaces “admirable” with ”hypocritical” in our view. If government is finally bent upon protecting children from sexual predators, do the whole job; don’t just use it as cover for attacking the Catholic church.

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