alfred_e-_neumannAnother week’s worth:

Politics: Current, interesting developments at the trial of Paul Manifort, Trump’s campaign manager (Article)

The media: Major media outlet now a target, no longer an attacker for sexual harassment claims (Report) (Hoist by its own petard …)

 The media ignored Antifa attack on NBC crew at protest (Report) (Ill behaved Left is invisible)

The culture: The rise of corporate censorship (Article) (When everything is politicized, everything becomes propaganda)

The media: Over 100 newspapers will join Monday (8/14) to attack Trump? (Report) (It was over 300, offended that the Prez treats them like they treat him?)

Elections: Voting machines are hackable (But don’t tell the public!) (Report)

The debt: U.S. Federal interest payments break all records; deficit rising (Report)

Government work can have big payoffs? (Report)

Germany: An orphaned military can’t meet its responsibilities? (Article)

Iran: Iranian Kurds are fighting government security forces as protests continue in cities (Article)

Media: Antifa, a left thuggery, advertises bullets for political enemies, threatens shooting President. Media overlooks (Report)

Science: Phonons (sound waves) are repelled by gravity? (Report)

China: Police are acquiring handheld cell phone readers used on the street (Report) (When will they arrive in the U.S?)

Afghanistan: Surprise Taliban attack caught U.S. off guard (Report) (Why is the U.S. spending billions in Afghanistan?)

Sweden: Migrant gangs coordinating to burn cars on streets (Report)

The culture: Freely available information is under attack in the U.S. (Article) (Censorship spreading)

More culture: Rapidly growing numbers of children claiming to be homosexual? (Report)

West Virginia: Preparing for the impeachment trial of 3 state Supreme Court justices (Report)

Space weapons taking shape (Report) (Murphy rules space)

Los Angeles: First U.S. city to install subway body scanners (Report)

Social Security: A simple explanation of its failure (Report)

Myanmar (Burma): Asia’s Moslem refugee problem and others (Article)

Government: New York City froze Uber/Lyft new licenses for a year (Report) (The taxi empire strikes back)

The culture: The left filed a new case against the Colorado baker whose refusal to bake a wedding cake for homosexuals was upheld by the Supreme Court (Report) (And these folk accuse Trump of totalitarian leanings?)

More culture: An 87 year old grandmother harvesting dandelions for a salad was tasered by police (Report)

Sacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipients (Report) (Murphy’s law says that is only the tip of this iceberg)

Transportation: Bikes and electric scooters strewn around the city for one trip rental by phone (Report) (Taxifolk screaming at their politicians)

Science: Miniaturization proceeds. Transistors can now be the size of a single atom (Report)

More Sccience: A desalinization breakthrough (Report)

Still more science: A lithium battery breakthrough with big benefits for phones and cars (Report)

Nuclear mismanagement: California’s failed San Onofre power plant threatens (Article)

Privacy: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap messenger (Report) (Does this tell you anything?)

The Internet: How the Left is outsourcing censorship of the internet (Article)

California legislature limits kids’ restaurant m meal beverages to water or milk only (Report)

Sout Africa: Uncompensated seizure of white owned farms by blacks grows (Report) (Remarkable lack of news value)

Chicago: 33 wounded in weekend shootings (Report) (None dead … yet, anyway)

A woman was arrested naked below the waist, on hands and knees in the street (Report)

And so it went …


Under Presidents Bush and Obama, it was occasional reports on “negotiating trade agreements”; under President Trump, it’s “waging foolish and risky trade wars” but it’s the media reporting hat has changed the process, not the other way around.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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