SexSex is popular with humans; that’s why we have more of them now. A difficulty is that sex is considerably more popular than raising children, which is why we have The Pill and186 abortions for every 1,000 live births. It is so popular that it is taught in public schools where second graders sometimes practice in class, though we can hope infrequently. This is not news, it has been perennial in human history. But in previously uptight U.S. culture, we didn’t talk of it much in public. It wasn’t nice. A lady might screw like a mink behind closed doors but she was always genteel in public, at least while sober. Hypocritical, you say. Yes, certainly. It did tend to restrict single parent motherhood, sexually transmitted diseases and abortions.

Now we let it all hang out; sexually transmitted disease has made new records, single parent births are around 40%, Up from 5% in 1960. We are having a lot more fun, right? And less hypocrisy? Hmnn …

We have just now, having politicized everything, started using sex as a wholesale political weapon. In the past, while many male and enough female folk with power over others made that a happy hunting ground for sexual favors, it usually went unmentioned in public, excepting a few egregious cases from time to time. We all knew it was there, but treated it as a part of human nature and dealt with it as we would. Please don’t rise up here to indignantly complain that this commerce has been all male; you can’t have a john without a prostitute, right? There are no saints here. But someone apparently decided to, some decades later, financially castrate an offensively conservative black man, Bill Cosby. Some of those now complaining of his unwanted advances met him at the Playboy Club. Some might wonder why they were there …

But it has succeeded in draining Mr. Cosby of a great deal of money and besmirching his public face. And it has generated numerus enthusiastic imitators going after wealthy targets now being multiplied by politicians. The political folk might be having second thoughts, party affiliation seems no defense these days, at least when sex is the thrust of the story. Before you pick up the knife, be sure it’s sharpened on one side only …

Now everyone is discovering that their favorite punching bag likes sex; it is being used on actors, CEO’s, politicians, clergy (as though His Holiness doesn’t  have enough troubles), musicians and generals. Could say, General Eisenhower be a U.S. President today? Hmnn.

Of course, it is the major media that have made all this possible. When they gave up reporting news and determined to hype their ratings using propaganda and scandal, that which everyone had known but few had mentioned in public became rope for the lynch mobs they are whipping up. For the moment it is doubly successful, it tarnishes public figures and attracts advertisers. But the dying do desperate things that do not save them; the major media are only attracting more to their funeral by abandoning ethics in favor of notoriety. They are hoist upon the internet by their own efforts but their fall continues.

Neither is hypocrisy abandoned; why are only males demonized?  Would the happy hunters proceed if the sisterhood outed the prostitutes as well as canonizing the victims? Few of the current complainers allege rape. Human sex requires at least two people, the media demonizes but one of them. And even more hypocritically, the media pretends that this perennial human behavior is bizarre. It isn’t, it is relatively normal for a percentage of humans. It is also socially destructive and needs discouragement but that will not occur until all the parties stand up to their responsibility which is to suggest, not soon.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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