QUESTION: What of the kids of U.S. jailed Single moms and dads?

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4 Responses to QUESTION: What of the kids of U.S. jailed Single moms and dads?

  1. michael b curtis says:

    you are missing the point, liberals don’t find “Migrants” criminals, liberals feel the law is inconvenient, so they find what they can to attack President Trump with, that Bush and Obama did the same thing with no comment shows the agenda of the left. It isn’t about migrants or illegal invaders or children, it is about what can slow the increasing approval rating of Trump, liberals are afraid if the mid terms come and the typical non presidential party doesn’t gain ground they are going to be in trouble. So far the lost 1,400 seats they are calling cyclical. If it is a trend away from the establishment, the possibility of corruption trials are too strong to be ignored. As long as they are keeping Trump off balance by attacking him, the Hillary corruption is getting a back seat. Once Hillary is actually looked into, then who is next? Business as usual is being threatened.

  2. Jim Teague says:

    Across 50 states surely there are 2400 children in foster homes because mom or dad or both are in prison. These are US citizens though. Why is this necessary for non-citizens? Build the refugee camps on the other side of the border. Then get in line. Take the money saved and speed up legal immigration. Dems want more bodies for more US Rep seats legal or not. Easy to manipulate votes with voter id stymied.

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