An at least $15 hr guaranteed government job for every American  is Senator Bernie Sanders latest. Santa Sanders and some Democrats are apparently testing the intelligence and greed of voters by dusting off an expansion of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Great Depression Works Project Administration (WPA) idea. A poll reported that 46% of respondents like it. In fairness, not only Democrats have waved this banner: Presidents Bush and Trump’s infrastructure spending are the same notion in different uniforms. The fundamental scam is selling a “money for everyone” program without its necessary “money from everyone” twin: Government can hand put money only after extracting it from taxpayers. President Roosevelt’s WPA lasted 8 years, giving rise to much humor (WPA = “ We Play Around”) and some lasting monuments. It gave way to World War II as a more effective use of excess manpower during economic depression.

Politicians selling this avoid explaining the sources for their largesse and if pressed, claim that the funds will be extracted from the wealthy, passing over the uncomfortable fact that much of their campaign funding is provided by those wealthy. Neither do they wish to do the math, which shows that the existing wealth will be used up quickly when paid to millions of recipients, leaving nothing to replace it. Reality sucks sure enough and makes suckers of those who ignore it.

Senator Sanders and his ilk are a bit early for the next presidential election; they are likely trying out ideas this November. The Democrats are as divided as the Republicans; they have to settle whether their liberals or their self-declared socialists will be in charge. For the GOP, it’s whether it will be Trumpians or anti-Trumpians, both being liberals. For either party, conservatives have replaced Communists as the new villains, increasingly offered as the source of political violence though to date, sans evidence. It seems noteworthy that the left can encourage violently prejudicial behavior toward conservatives  while deploring such behavior toward political clients; folks selling tolerance ought to display it, right?

Down through the baby boomers, socialism de jure has been a hard sell in the United States thugh acceptable enough de facto. The oncoming avowed socialists now competing for control of the Democrats is a test of successive generations of U.S. public education and particularly of its ability to displace the political principles of America’s founding with today’s visibly failing political illusions. Half-hearted socialism is failing, full socialism has failed worldwide in front of everyone. Nevertheless, here they come again. It will be interesting to see how many buyers line up this time.

Actually, if one considers it, there is no such thing as socialism; that is merely a sales term foran almighty Godvernment that exerts total dominion at will. America’s Founders were correct; there are only two choices that matter: Big, all-controlling government or small, weak government. Our choice has proven the opposite of theirs and we are watching that play out as U.S. finances crumble and control of individuals expands. A departed God cannot impose limits upon government; we are left now to wonder who can …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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