GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOdds, ends and trivia:

The internet: Now it is a federal crime to own, operate or manage a website with intent to promote prostitution (Video) (Government reaching for control of the web?)

Technology: Traffic cameras give speeding tickets to parked cars? (Report) (Murphy rules …)

Government: Can a state tax residents’ out of state internet purchase? Supreme Court is deciding (Report)  (The “tax cutting” Trump admin supports the tax)

The economy/Government: Building growth on other people’s dead bodies (Article) (Oversimplified but with some broadly accurate observations)

The economy: Investors can’t win when money is prostituted (Article) (From Prez Reagan’s Budget Director.)

Israel: Iran finances the mass attacks on the border from Gaza (Article)

Science: Humans to be genetically modified for the first time (Report)  (Under a political regulator whose name should be Pandora …)

The British Commonwealth will select Queen Elizabeth’s successor shortly (Report)

Canada is considering decriminalization of all drugs (Report) (sensible and sad)

Science: Quantum entanglement research proceeds with a record number of entangled bits (Report)

Syria: A very awkward question going unasked and unanswered (Report)

America’s imperial wars lamented: Why the destruction from Korea through Viet Nam to Syria was unnecessary (Article)

The Constitution: Defense Secretary Mattis wanted Congressional approval before striking Syria but was overruled (Report)

The power grid went down on Puerto Rico (Report) (High tech equals higher risk?)

California forces unions onto unwilling farm workers (Report)

Healthcare: Drug resistant typhoid is overwhelming available treatments (Report)

The Federal Reserve has done a great job eliminating the middle class (Article)

Syria: Update (Article) (Did Assad and the Russians shoot down most of Trump’s missiles?) (Unlikely)

Iraqi Kurdistan: Russia plays the oil game (Report)

Science: Cloning pets is an available service … humans seem inevitable next (Report)

Education: A government mandatory service is now fully politicized (Report) (Student demos and teacher strikes)

Science: Lab achievement of extremely low power video streaming may be a breakthrough (Report)

The economy: Prez Reagan’s Budget Director parses Trumpian economics with the pitiless light of reality (Article)

Science: NASA plans to demonstrate its new space-going nuclear power plant (Report) (Another breakthrough – if  unintended consequences permit)

Corruption: Public school students/teachers are now organized anti-gun political activists (Report) (Taxpayer funded brainwash replacing education?)

Yellowstone supervolcano draws more concern (Report)

The world economy: World finance roils as the U.S. dollar dwindles, free market Bitcoin threatens and governments compete (Article)

The military: Politics rot battle skills (Article)

Chicago: 628 people have been shot this year, a 328 person improvement over 2017 (Report)

A naked Harvard student was arrested on the street (Report)

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