alfred_e-_neumannThe American Left now seems to be treating white men much as the Nazis began treating Jews. A New Orleans food stall gathered favorable (and evidently much needed) publicity advertising that White customers were charged more than others.

Race/gender based relegation to the back of the government employment and college admissions lines seems permanent. Universities offer disapproving courses such as “White Racism,” “White Privilege” and “The Problem of Whiteness.” A new lecture offering is “The Violence of Whiteness”. Universities are teaching anti-white racism as the solution to racism. Growing numbers of white workers polled have experienced or anticipate racial job discrimination, particularly in mid to lower income work. America’s white population is expected to become a minority before mid-century and U.S. males are already a minority at universities, eligible for minority scholarship benefits. White U.S. men are holding the short demographic straw while facing rising political demonization; one must wonder where this may lead

It is notable that after the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal dethroned Weinstein, the media quickly found numerous women suddenly motivated to pursue dozens of other highly visible moguls, 71 of them soon listed in the New York Times. The implicit impression was – and remains – victimized women bravely outing corrupt, lascivious and overwhelmingly white men. Never mind the perennial pattern of such behavior by both sexes and all races of humankind, the current message is that society holds too many white guys who should be deprived of their too powerful positions. Forget that most of those men earned their positions in successful competition. The most notable element in this new politics is the resulting instant dismissals and resignations, mere accusations destroying lengthy careers overnight. This result is new, though the cited behavior and occasionally public scandals are not.

The Jews rose from Egyptian servitude to Middle Eastern success; when the Romans exported them, they proceeded to significant international individual success as well. They have been punished ever since, ironically mostly by the Christians and Muslims whose societies proceeded from Judaism. White men’s successes provided the cultural and technological progress that is elevating everyone else, very much including white women. Women everywhere have been been relegated to subservient roles by lesser size and strength; their newfound ability to compete with men rests upon the new preeminence of intelligence and talent plus the willingness of white men to accept this new competition. Other societies follow – or not – at their own paces. Yet white men who have actually provided the progress are denigrated for not having dome more rather than applauded for the progress they have delivered.

It is tellingly ignored that the largest impact of the arrival of women in the workforce has been the growth of the demographic: Males not in the work force. And these men are largely white.

White men led and still lead the reconstruction of society intended to equalize the opportunities of whites and non-whites and white men have made the changes demanded by the feminists. This is a simple fact; after all, white men are still mostly in charge of what they have built, though change proceeds.

Another ignored fact is the planetary leadership of white societies in matters of tolerance and equality. Minorities and women are worse off almost everywhere that whites are not in charge. It seems particularly telling that so many white women have joined so unthinkingly the demonization of white men; when the white ship goes down, they will find themselves aboard.

God certainly has a sense of humor; not only are His chosen people entitled to second thoughts about being chosen; the descent of the white race from its preeminence is being led by white men and women. To date, only Asians show significant interest in replacing the whites; if they wish to pursue that, there is much they might wish to consider.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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