GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAccumulated for your in case you hadn’t noticed:

The falling Chinese space station (8 tons) may crash in Michigan? (Report) (If it hits Detroit …)

The culture: The Screen Actors’ Guild has demanded observers on set to oversee sex scenes of major Hollywood films (Report) (Reopen the Hays Office?)

More culture: A New Orleans restaurant charges white customers more? (Report) (We’ll bet it has none – but it’s a sign of the times)

Still more culture: 5 of the world’s most violent cities are in the United States? (Report) (Someone selling something?)

Immigration: A GOP “immigration reform” bill in Congress is quietly accompanied by a separate bill speeding the arrival of Chinese and Indian tech workers (Report) (Giving up something without being deprived of it …)

The economy: Status of robotic worker replacement in retail (Report) (It’s coming, as wages rise … but a bit slower than prophesied)

More economy: The downturn has begun, if you believe the bond interest rates (Article)

Russia: Putin poll predicts win by 67% of vote (Report) (Communists gone; their elections remain?)

Digitally altered video: “Believe nothing you hear; only half that you see” is outdated: Believe no one (Report)

The war on the internet: London Mayor demands censorship by Twitter, Google etc. (Report)

The culture: Tens of thousands of college students spring break on Florida beaches; booze, drugs, public sex … (Report)  (Our brave new post Christian society forming in public)

Yellowstone caldera: Quakes continue; a weatherman soothes … (Report)

Government: A study is exploring digital driver’s licenses that cops could read with cell phones? (Report) (Big Brother will always know who and where you are …)

Social Insecurity: U.S. elderly projected to outnumber children by 2035 (Report) (How many old folk can YOU support?)

New Jersey: High tax state raising taxes as disastrous financial mismanagement bites home (Report) (Comes of turning finances over to politicians …)

Manufacturing: Ford recalled 1.4 M cars for loose steering wheel bolts? (Report) (If Ford can’t keep it together, it’s all coming apart!)

The economy: Toys R Us follows other retailers out of business  (Report)

Turkey: Speeds political prosecution of American pastor (Report)

California appointed an illegal alien to a (minor) state office? (Report)

The law: A Romanian court rejected a man’s claim that he is not dead. (Report)

The economy: National debt (i.e. future taxes) hits $21 trillion (Report) (Bets open on the bond market’s Wiley E. Coyote date?)

The culture: Protesting students trashed Wal-Mart (Report) (Grown up, what sort of society will these provide?)

 The economic culture: “Americans don’t value work anymore” (Article) (Somebody noticed?)

Chicago: 4 dead, 14 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man and woman were arrested after walking into a Virginia hotel (Report)

And may St. Patty’s Day be happy everywhere (Even California)

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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