GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannScraped from another week:

The climate: Researching the literature shows much more controversy than admitted (Report)

Las Vegas Mass Shooter had accomplices and a detailed plan? (Report) (He injured over 800 and it’s still under wraps) Government: FBI agents pursuing evidence of a second Las Vegas shooter ordered off (Report)

Corruption: H. Clinton’s “wiped clean” 33,000 emails are likely available, if really wanted? (Report)

Politicization at Google: Lefty workers only (Article) (Does internal thought control of workers reflect a trend in big business, or what’s going on in the larger society?)

China: Now matches U.S. consumer spending? (Article) (Using about 3X as many consumers, right? …)

Technology: Ford’s self-driving car crashed, badly (Article) (So do those with drivers)

Lebanon: Update (When your Iranian uncle has moved into your house)

Syria: U.S. helps Kurds control border, antagonizing Turkey (Report)

The War on the Internet: The Supreme Court will rule whether states, heretofore unable to tax sales by out-of-state mail order merchants, will be allowed to tax internet sales from out of state. (The Justices ought to be terrified – and consumers too)

Government: Traveling citizens’ laptops/cell phones are routinely searched at U.S. border crossings? (Article) ( Without credible suspicion or warrant)

Culture: 1,000 Danish kids charged after circulating a video of two 15 year olds having sex (Report) (Schools teach sex, then are upset that students practice it?)

Science: Using pulsar X Rays for navigation in space is a breakthrough a(Report)

China: Faces a debt crisis? (Report) (Like every spend-yourself-rich scammer these days)

Nigeria: Update (Article) (Trump has a name for it)

Haiti: Port au Prince, a city of millions, has no sewer system  (Report) (Hmnn … So Trump was correct?)

Corruption: Leaking cover-up of FBI probe into Uranium One criminality (Report)

More corruption: Trump continues Obama’s mega-bank protection grift (Article)

The economy: INFLATION  (Article)

Turkey: Readying a massive invasion of Syria to attack Kurds? (Report) (U.S. has been helping Kurds) Turkish artillery is firing on a Syrian Kurdish town as troops mass (Article) Massive bombing of U.S. backed Syrian Kurds by Turkish warplanes (Report)

Corruption: Australia complained to the FBI over Clinton Foundation donations? (Report)

The culture: “Higher education is drowning in BS” – Notre Dame professor (Report) (One of the bulls noticed?)

Trump: Freedom doesn’t come from government, it’s a ‘  Sacred Right’ from almighty God (Report) (Which is why the Left in both parties insists upon no Trump – and no God)

The Anti-Trump, explained (Short Article)

Immigration: Arizona “Dreamers” comprise 8% of its prison population? (Report)

The economy: “In the impending collapse, everything that can go wrong, will (Article) (Duh! (t’s a collapse!)

Archeology: A mystery of Egypt’s teen aged plaything of politics, King Tut’s young wife (Article)

Corruption: More on the Waco biker shootout trial collapse (Article)

Politics: “I dare you to shut down the government” is how grownups run a country? (Report) (Time to replace them – ALL?)

Sweden: Will it finally clamp down on immigrant violence/crime? (Report)

California: The state’s Attorney General said he will prosecute businessmen who cooperate with Federal immigration officials deporting illegals (Hmm … Law enforcement arresting folks for cooperating with law enforcemt?)

Corruption: A hot Obama era memo disclosing U.S. government election meddling? (Article) (Does the special Russian meddle prosecutor know yet?)

Political correctness may be making New England a colder place? (Report) (Closing too many power plants)

Russia, Oil, Syria & Ukraine: Update (Article) (The oil info explains a lot)

Technology: NASA tested a small, portable nuclear reactor (Report) (Potential for break through power source)

Science: Continuing quake swarm at Reno (Report) (And it’s 166 miles from the Long Valley Calder)

Culture: The U.K. has its first sex doll brother? (Report) (Protesting prostitutes nextl?)

Chicago: 17 shot, 1 dead in weekend shootings (Report)

3 naked women arrested (Report)

That’s all, folks!

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