SexcapadesDecades old sex accusations silenced conservative comedian Bill Cosby and seem to have prevented conservative Roy Moore’s Senate election in Alabama at the price of tumbling liberal power Harvey Weinstein and targeting liberal Senator comedian Al Franken, plus others. Using sex charges in today’s politics seems blackly humorous, using a shotgun in a crowd.

Humans are rare among mammals in pursuing  sex in all seasons. This perennial lust likely explains how a species can require nine months to deliver one child who then requires over a decade to raise is nevertheless able to multiply and progress.

However, that sort of analysis does make the idea that we should discard politicians who are not sexual saints appear more than a little ludicrous. It seems also to require total ignorance of human history.


Boys will be boys and girls will be girls,

and ever the twain shall meet.

He will pursue her; she’ll take his pearls,

And the species will continue to compete.


Men are generally sexual aggressors; women generally compete sexually for men; advertising and fashion seem enough evidence. That is biology. The current “sexual harassment” shtick denies that, assuming that men are beasts and women are pitiful saints; an idea as false as the motives of many of those who hire and pay some of the suddenly outspoken victims.

Notably, none of the current charges seem to have been rape. Few of them are current or provide respectable evidence. Of course, that can also be said of the men’s denials. None of that reflects the reasons for selecting a politician; they should be picked for the probability that they will govern in accord with the wishes of the voters who select them. It will not do to elect a saint who will ruin the country. Much better a fallible human who will provide a livable one. If that one turns out a poor choice, look for a replacement next time. Note that we aren’t advocating election of visibly corrupt/criminal politicians who happen to be on our side; we are just interested in avoiding shooting ourselves in the foot.

It seems to us that voting for a candidate who promises to govern against one’s wishes merely because the politician who promises better has unsubstantiated accusers of decades old sexcapades  is likely to deliver said voters’ just desserts for irredeemable stupidity. And if current events are ay guide, the same can be said of politicians who raise the issue.

But feel free to disagree….

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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