Both are interminably extended ‘news’ stories serving as political propaganda while preempting less  convenient information. And both stories are patently ridiculous.

Certainly North Korea is testing new missile designs, what country with an armaments industry is not? Where is the minute by minute broadcast and print agony over say, Iranian, Chinese and Russian missile testing? Yes, North Korea has nukes and a bad attitude; how do Russia and China differ on that score? And for that matter, Pakistan has nukes, is a friend to China and created and supports the U.S. enemy Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan but who ever hears of Pakistani missile tests?

It is President Eisenhower’s U.S. military-industrial complex and the politicians suckled by it that need a massive threat from little North Korea. The degenerate U.S. infotainment industry needs North Korea to feed an insatiable succession of Chicken Little talking heads seeking attention from a rapidly disappearing audience. To fulfill this increasingly desperate need as its audience diminishes, the ‘news’ mongers must puff their stories nearly as much as the Federal Reserve has puffed the U.S. dollar. Both products are now more puffery than real value.

As for sexual harassment, the ‘news’ folk are hypocrites, demonizing men for human misbehavior indulged in by both sexes equally. For every powerful male misusing his authority to force acquiescence from women, there exist an at least equal number of women using their sexuality to advance their interests. Politicians seeking the female vote of course, will not point to that reality. The Designer of our species was apparently more concerned with its increase than with the niceties of individual behavior. Who knew? Well, evidently none of those today breathless over male harassment. We will offer a bet here: Immediately upon disappearance of this subject from public concern (Not too long a time) the relevant misbehavior will recommence, on both sides. And be ignored again …

In the meantime, the Russian invasion of Ukraine smolders on, U.S. troops occupy dozens of countries and every Hellfire missile fired from a drone costs over $100,000 that nowadays, must be borrowed with interest and repayment left to our children. From our view, we have been spraying Afghanistan and other places with Hellfires for some 16 years now, without noticeable benefit, never mind all the dead Afghans. Candidate Obama ran against much of this, but President Obama continued it. President Trump is increasing it, together with the associated borrowing and spending while at the same time, touting lower government tax revenues. However, these nuances are buried beneath the avalanche of North Korea and sex harassment propaganda.

Now, the only available source for news of what is really going on is the internet, a construct now carefully controlled in China, being brought under control in Russia and now subject to plotters in the U.S. Congress who want to protect U.S. citizens by government regulation. Truly free information is seen as threatening by any government, anywhere … And a piece of parchment headed: “Constitution” is not enough to sustain such a threat over time.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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