GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannA busy week on planet Earth:

The culture: Double irony as Big White Liberal Harvey Weinstein follows Big Black Conservative Bill Cosby off his elite pedestal for use of a traditional Hollywood casting couch – after recreational sex has become normal behavior (Report)

Politics: A New York Times view of the contending factions seeking control of the Democrats (Article)

The world economy: A clear eyed if overly optimistic explanation of the world wide pension time bomb (Article)

More economy: Prez Trump’s budget boss Mulvaney said tax cuts/deficits will bring economic growth (Report) (The more we borrow, the richer we become, right?)

Puerto Rico: The New York Federal Reserve sent the island a planeload of cash to crutch the power outage paralyzing ATMs and credit cards. (Article) (How does that help the island’s mostly poor?)

Saudi Arabia/Russia are oiling their relationship while Iran glowers? (Article)

Healthcare: An upcoming Presidential order will open competition across state lines, previously restricted. (Report) (Probable effects in 2019)  Additional details re the changes (Report) Some Federal subsidies will stop  (Report)

Driverless car push speeds up at GM (Report) (When we don’t drive our cars anymore, will we still own them?) California is pushing driverless too (Report)

The New York Times: A Times editor confessed his political agenda to a hidden camera (Report)

Volcano fears are rising in the Canary Islands as earthquakes proliferate (Report) (In other places, too)

Science: For those who understand Moore’s Law, a large semiconductor manufacturing breakthrough (Report)

Spain: Catalonia blinked? Spanish government outbluffed independence leadership … (Report) Will the Spanish government move in on perceived weakness? (Article)

The economy: The “U.S. free market” is a fake, due to the Federal Reserve (Article) (And regulation!)

The culture: Home Depot forced to provide millennials with tutorial on using tape measures and hammering nails. (Article) (A product of Progressive public education)

Government: Symantec stops allowing foreign government reviews of software source code in order to sell products in those countries (Report) The U.S. aims to force software makers to provide keys to their encryptions. (Report)

Trumpconomics: Help the middle class by raising wages and lowering the cost of living (ReportT) (Sounds good – until you realize that more expensive workers raise the cost of living and help foreigners compete against the U.S.)

Chicago: 6 dead, 29 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report) Baltimore is worse than Chicago (Article)

The culture: Prez Trump suggested challenging network licenses over fake news  (Report) (Adopting his opponents’ tactics?)

Technology: A talking drone attempted luring kids off an Ohio school playground (Report) (The more we change …)

Government: Florida’s scandalous treatment of juvenile offenders (Report) (Deplorable, unsurprising. Will anyone ever blow open public schools sex issues like the Catholic clergy were outed?)

More culture: Are millennials the dumbest generation in history? (Report)

Still more culture: A 75 year old Windsor, Ontario woman suffered multiple skull fractures from an apparently random beating by a 21 year old male on a park trail  (Report)

The economy: A robot now makes pizza (Report) (Pizza Hut may pay higher minimum wages to fewer workers, right?)

More economy: A fake inflation rate used by the Federal Reserve to obscure declining living standards (Article)

Congress: A pharmacy provides Alzheimer’s drugs to Congressfolk? (Article) (Could explain a  lor …)

The culture: Congressional fuss over alterations of limits on NSA snooping (Report)  (How closely should Big Brother be allowed to watch us?)

Volcanos are awakening around the Pacific rim (Report) (No mention of the U.S. west coast; quake swarms around volcanos)

The culture: A British police force is banning white males from recruitment gatherings (Report)

More culture: U.S. police killings are double the reported rate per The Guardian (Report)

The Yellowstone supervolcano (caldera) attracts some attention (Report) (Potential understated here?)

Google’s mini home secret recording scandal (Report) (Privacy becoming an obsolete term?)

The economy: The Federal Reserve is straining to ignore real rising inflation (Article)

The culture: More Americans now live alone (Report) (And demographics are destiny, right?)

The economy: The ABC broadcast network is restructuring with substantial layoffs (Report)

The culture: The government jailed a mom to vaccinate her son (Report) (Government knows what’s good for us …)

More culture: Thursday night NFL pro football TV ratings continue to decline, accelerated by player political protests (Report)

The climate: NASA confirmed that sea levels are dropping over the planet (Report) (Umm … Weren’t we told sea levels were rising due to ice melting from global warming?)

More climate: Unusually thick sea ice is starving thousands of penguin chicks in Antarctica (Report)

Iran: Prez Trump decertified the nuclear deal (Report) (Just because Iran won’t let inspectors into their nuclear facilities?)

Healthcare: Several states will sue to stop Prez Trump’s ending federal subsidies to Obamacare insurers (Report) (Do those states suggest where the needed money can be found?)

Corruption: Puerto Rican government officials are said to be misusing hurricane aid to reward political allies instead of storm victims; the FBI is investigating (Report)

Driverless vehicles will be tested and privately owned in California under new rules under adoption (Report)

Trump/Iran: Prez Trump drew much flak designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization (Article) (Which they are – like the CIA or U.S. special forces, only more so)

Facebook’s restaurant food delivery service was announced (Report)

Iraq: Bagdad troops are moving into Kurdish controlled Kirkuk oil regions. So far, the Kurds are backing away despite their vote for independence. (Report)

Culture/Economy: A new Pew Research study found the primary reason millennials are delaying marriage so markedly: Men aren’t earning enough (Article)

 Las Vegas shooting mystery deepened as a Mandalay Bay hotel worker and his testimony vanished (Report)

Government: The FBI discovered 30 pages of a Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton airport meeting, papers it earlier denied possessing (Report)

The economy: Puerto Rico’s hurricane power outage persists, paralyzing the island by depriving its people of cash and credit/debit cards both (Article) (Fragility and risk of digital societies)

Tesla: Management leaving, workers laid off at government subsidized political favorite (Article) (Political scams die, sooner or later)

Columbia/Venezuela: Update (Article)

A naked man tripping on acid jumped out a third story apartment window and attacked people. (Report)

That’s all, folks.

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