GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannOur slice from the ending week:

Reality arriving: Apparently using drones for assassinations isn’t limited to the U.S. government – who knew? (Report)

The economy: Honesty on our economy by the same little boy who couldn’t see the emperor’s new clothes (Article) Versus the establishment version (Article)

North Korea: Ron Paul has provided the first intelligent proposal (Article) (In our opinion, of course)

The culture: Prez Trump’s campaign against pro footballers (Article) (Why is any of this worthy of a U.S. Prez’ attention?)

The Middle East: Kurds hoping for independence are meeting Turk/Arab fury (Article) Iraq and Turkey pounced on Kurdish hopes (Article) (It’s the oil, stupid)

Spain: Police have been ordered to seize ballots and shut down voting upon Catalonia’s secession (Article) (The Catalonians don’t have oil, but they have Barcelona and a lot of Spain’s industry)

The culture: A group of 5 attacked 2 teens in a Long Island Burger King, apparently without provocation. (Report)

The corruption: A peek into post-Christian U.S. society using big basketball as a window (Report)

The Federal Reserve: Time to remove the punch bowl? (Report)

North Korea: Still China’s pit bull despite U.N. posing? (Report)

The culture: FBI boss says terrorist drones are coming (Report) (It won’t be just terrorists)

Puerto Rico: Storm damage was just the coup de grace after decades of politicized economic mismanagement (Report)

More culture: An enjoyable, informative rant on defacing public statuary as a political statement (Article)

Surprise: Someone has noticed that the GOP/Democrats have become extensions of the same governing establishment (Article) (A famous elephant in America’s political room)

U.S. trade: The Trump administration hit Canada’s Bombardier plane maker with 220% tariffs (Article) (We can hope it’s a negotiating ploy)

Libya: Update (Long Article)

Still more culture: A Los Angeles Police officer posted a “Don’t drink and drive” video from a  bar, then went out into a fatal crash  (Report) (Dead right, huh?)

The economy: Maps of where $100 buys more versus less in America (Article)

Iconic culture: Hugh Hefner, the prophet of today’s American culture, is dead at 91 (Report) (Does anyone ‘read’ Playboy anymore?)

Travel: World flights disrupted by airport computer crash (Report) (A computerized civilization crashes along with its computers, right?)

Computerized military: The entire U.S. military is tying itself together with “Skynet,” a satellite based communications system (Report) (Achillies’ heel comes to mind …)

Secrecy: Metal towers springing up at New York City bridges and tunnels apparently relate somehow to security but city officials refuse to explain them. (Report) (Our governors’ doings are none of our business)

The economy: IBM has more employees in India than in the U.S. (Report) (And GM builds more cars in China … it’s called “competition” and Trump nor any politician can overcome its effects, seems to us)

Puerto Rico: Prez Trump waived the Jones Act, allowing the battered island to import needed goods the quickest, cheapest way. (Report) (He overruled some of his bureaucrats, but it’s only good for 10 days)

The climate: Arctic sea ice is expanding really fast again (Article) (Likely true and likely says little about climate. Both sides use propaganda, seems to us)

Politics: A California legislator proposed a 2024 ban on sales of gasoline fueled cars (Report) (And voters elect these nitwits)

Feminism: Saudi Arabian women will be allowed to drive (Report) (Well, some women, some of the time, under some conditions, right? Another feminist triumph)

The politics: Prez Reagan’s Budget Director slammed Prez Trump’s tax plan as an “airball”  (Article)

The tax proposal: On first analysis, the Trump tax ‘reform’ will benefit the one percenters the most, the poor next and it will cost the middle class (Article) (It’s becoming difficult to distinguish Demicans from Republicrats these days …)

Iran: Stopped allowing inspections verifying its adherence to its nuclear activities treaty (Article) (So will Prez Trump stick with the treaty anyway?)

China/North Korea Update (Article)  (China’s fake, over-indebted economy)

The corruption: U.S. Army procurement, this time (Article)

Puerto Rico: Prez Trump said the U.S. government needs to confront the island’s debt (Report) (How about confronting U.S. debt?)

Politics: Real political science, explained simply (Not as taught in school) (Article)

Chicago: 9 dead, 54 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman secretly filmed at a state park resulted in the hidden cameraman’s arrest (Report)

And such is our world, these days …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Michael Curtis says:

    Opinion: Why are football protests worthy of the president’s attention? It depends on what the job of the President is, In my opinion he is a leader of the Country. Like when Obama took the side of the criminals who were shot against the officers that were defending themselves it moved public opinion It created a rift between people of different races and political stances. I believe Trump is trying to erase that difference that Obama created by causing any of the protests to be seen as anti American, not black or white but American or not. People of all color are agreeing the platform is in error, and the message that was continuing about race division is being lost. I think it is important and it is worthy of the president.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      The Prez evidently shares your view; for me, his attention only enhances the influence of unworthy of such notice. However, Prez Trump is inventing himself and a new age of high tech, hands-on governing as he goes; it will e interesting to see where it lt levels out …

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