KneelingWe fail to follow why anyone cares what some celebratedly mammalian actress or outstandingly thuggish football player thinks of President Trump, North Korea or the Star Spangled Banner. We might value their respective opinions on wearing makeup or knocking people down but for advice on politics or propriety we will consult elsewhere. Not so our erstwhile “news” media, however.

These, now evolved into propagandists, dwell endlessly upon the glandular reactions of such societal lions at the expense of any rational thought or accumulated real human history.

North Korea is less a nuclear power than for instance, Pakistan. Pakistan is the real U.S. opponent in Afghanistan, though it receives billions in U.S. aid every year. Its major ally is China. None of that ever seems to be newsworthy. Our considered opinion is that North Korea is news in spite of its negligible real stature but more because the Russians and Chinese find it useful as their pit bull against the U.S. and the Trump administration finds it useful to justify military spending amounting to a match for the next roughly 10 countries on earth added together.

And the NFL national anthem brouhaha succumbs at once to any rational thought: Why play the anthem before athletic events, anyway? What does a football game have to do with patriotism? Why do the teams need to be on field if it is played? That has not always been the case. And if an actress on the Oscars show can dis the U.S. with Constitutional impunity, why not athletes? Clearly, the Oscars bay impose behavior and so may the NFL at their respective events, for which they have paid. If they do not do so, we are free to conclude that they approve of their representatives’ conduct with respect to the American flag.

And we in the audience are equally free to say “Screw you, ungrateful and undeserving millionaires” and to simultaneously stop paying admissions to such events. That’s fair on both ends, right?

But we don’t get why it’s news when the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the collapse of divilization in Venezuela and the arrival of dictatorship in Turkey, aren’t.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. michael b curtis says:

    I think the issue changes depending on who you talk to. Libs think you should have the right to free speech and honestly no one is arguing that. Conservatives point out that when you are at work you are representing the employer and your free speech is curtailed based on the employers policies, of course it would not be a crime to violate the employer policies, but it does have consequences, the employer would also have the right to fire you for you disrupting their customer base. Professional sports stand for the national anthem because they were paid to do so by the US government. the rules of football for instance require the athletes to stand with their helmet in their left hand on the field at attention during the anthem. There are penalties for not doing this, it is typical of liberals to ignore rules and laws they don’t find that coincide with their feelings. Like DACA that is an executive order that violates law, but liberals are mad that the law is not still violated. The sad thing is most liberals don’t see the similarity of their actions and the oppression of countries like China and North Korea.

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