GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannThe economy: McDonald’s has automated, serve yourself burgers are rolling out (Report)

Science: Quantum entanglement has been demonstrated between a satellite and two ground stations. (Report) (A big advance for those interested in particle physics/future computing and writing sci fi)

The culture: California churches must fund abortions in employee health insurance per a Federal court. (Report)  (God may tell you what to believe; the state will tell you what to do)

The culture: The dissolution of America’s historic culture analyzed (Article)

The war on cash: India’s de-monetization of cash is proving expensive. (Article) (Who knew?)

Science: An unusual, ongoing earthquake swarm in Idaho near the Wyoming border (Report) (Hmnn … any relation to the events under the Yellowstone caldera?)

More Science: Some NASA scientists want to defang the Yellowstone supervolcano with cold water pumped down onto the rising lava bed. (Report) (Some NASA ‘scientists’ sell climate change, too.)

California culture: Will the state’s Left provide the new Luddites, turning against progress to freeze a need for human labor? (Article)

The legal culture: Federal 7th circuit judge Richard Posner sees the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights irrelevant to today’s reality. (Report)  (How does Pope Francis view the Bible?)

Chicago: 7 dead, 35 wounded over long holiday weekend’s shootings (Report)

The economy: President Trump pledged to dramatically reduce income taxes (Report) (He has also pledged increased spending … are we really that dumb?)

Hawaii legislators voted to “explore” the idea of a universal basic income (free money for all). (Report) (Where will they get the free money?)

The culture: A couple was arrested after public sex amidst families on the beach (Report) (But they don’t arrest public school sex ed teachers do they?)

The environment: A short history of U.S. nuclear weapons that have escaped (Report)

The economy: Retail closures are feeding unskilled unemployment (Report)

The economy: Kentucky government worker early retirements are booming as prospective state/city pensioners notice vastly underfunded pension plans. (Report) (Wishful thinkers …)

Afghanistan: The secret CIA war (Report) (A hidden piece of America’s perpetual wars apparatus)

More Afghanistan/Pakistan/India: Update  (Pakistan is the real enemy in Afghanistan.)

The culture: A transgender rapist was moved to a women’s jail where he began unwanted sexual advances toward the female prisoners. (Report) (Duh!)

The corruption: The Southern Poverty Law Center (A civil rights ‘nonprofit’) has $69 M parked overseas? (Report) (Poverty pays pretty well, we suppose … after the government gets involved)

The infrastructure:  “Mysterious” underground explosion cratered a Los Angeles street. (Report) (More votes spending on social goodies than on maintaining underground sewer, power, water and uh, gas)

The politics: Prez Trump finessed GOP leaders by cutting a debt limit deal with Democrats (Report) (And they were wondering how he could govern without a party behind him?)

Science: Women got around a lot more in the late stone and early bronze ages than was previously believed (Report) Hmnn … Women have always amounted to more than anyone thinks …)

More science: An engineering breakthrough in manufacturing of quantum computers (Report)

Spain: The government moved to block an upcoming Catalonia vote on independence (Article)

Obamacare: Added millions of low income beneficiaries via subsidized coverage and continues to price the unsubsidized middle class out of coverage (Report) (There can be no ‘fix’, only reduced coverage for which each party wants to blame the other)

The Internet: Democrats still want to regulate (i.e. censor) the web (Report) (What government doesn’t?)

The economy: Connecticut’s capital city threatens bankruptcy filing minus a state bailout (Report) (Hartford; what of Chicago, New Yor et al?)

Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife is about to be indicted for fraud? (Report)

Education: “The math doesn’t work – Americans are losing faith in college” (Article) (Well, excepting math, science and engineering, right?)

Israel must repay millions in aid dollars per the U.S. State Department, though Congress disagrees (Article) (The swamp strikes back)

A naked woman was found asleep in his bed by a northern California man returning home. (Report)

And if that isn’t enough, it should be …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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