Charlottesville From Under Our Tinfoil Hat

CharlottesvilleKindly don your tinfoil hat for a moment, follow us and then decide how nuts we have become:

We read that the defunct “Occupy Wall Street” rent-a-riot was a far left, Soros et al funded “uprising” and we saw that it fizzled; only the hired and bussed-in muscle was up for much violence. They played their torches onto citizens who were damp wood. Must have been disappointing.

Then “Black Lives Matter” appeared somehow and are now we see “Antifa” added to the mix. The emotional gasoline that these newer groupings add to the socio-political fire is now no longer economic status, but race. Otherwise, it’s a replay: Use hired street organizers and thugs to initiate hurting people and damaging property for political impact. Last year, Black Lives Matter and a nascent Antifa also fizzled; even in Oakland. Again, citizens wouldn’t join into mobs.

This summer was promised to be different; a conflagration was promised. And this summer is nearly done, without significant fireworks – until Charlottesville. And here, the tinfoil in our hat begins to vibrate.

The Charlottesville episode centers on a “white supremacist, neo Nazi rally” in that city, to which “counter- protesters” invited themselves. However, the rally was not about white supremacy; it was a gathering to protest the city’s intention to remove a statue of Civil War Confederate General Robert E. Lee to satisfy requests by some citizens who saw it as “offensive.” Events escalated from there and in the end, the rather minor event was overtaken by additions from both Left and Right, carrying baseball bats.

This event too has fizzled, though the media continue to promote flare ups. The masses of citizens did not involve themselves this time either. Even the savage vehicular attack on some of the anti-protesters  failed to ignited a lynch mob.

We wonder what the far-left, globalist Soros minions are trying to do. They seem to be professionally organized to raise the public violence level using whatever fuel might feed political flames. Occupy tried poverty vs wealth, no go. Then Black Lives Matter tried race; nowheresville. Now, it’s Black Lives Matter (Race), Antifa (anti-facist) and if the rally organizer really is a past Soros organizer, maybe the rent-a-thugs are supplying both sides of their new rent-s-riots in hopes of finally lighting the wider political woodpile? We certainly don’t know and perhaps we’re too cynical and need to thicken the tinfoil lining our hat. You decide. If it helps, note that we have now an Alt Right mob suddenly springing up from nowhere, organized and funded where nothing existed before, at least so far as we know. And reportedly led by Jason Kessler, a former “Occupy Wall Street” activist who back then, was an Obama supporter.

Note though: If this theory isn’t nuts, the next level of this sort of effort will have to kill more people and damage more property in some other place with a Lefty Mayor to hold back the police (if we can believe reports) while the mayhem proceeds. When we see that, we’ll remove the tinfoil from our hat …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Charlottesville From Under Our Tinfoil Hat

  1. Pete says:

    More likely ‘the next level’ will be numerous outbreaks of mayhem to fan the fires of hatred in many more cities to garner more followers before a truly major incident. This way ‘he’, (whoever is pulling the strings), will then be able to have a massive uprising that can not be ignored. Then again ‘he’ tried with the occupy movement and failed so hopefully the masses will once again ignore the stupidity and he will once again fail.

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