CharlottesvilleSwinging baseball bats, chemical sprays and finally a deadly assault with a car characterized politics du jour in the Virginia city. There was an audience of rather passive riot police. The expected summer of escalating violence from the Soros wing’s totalitarian thugs, arriving a bit late on stage? Well, it would not be the first time that the rent-a-riot has been needed to provide mayhem that just didn’t happen on its own. Per the newssfolk, it seemed an invasion of right wing, club swing “white supremacist” storm troopers attacking innocents. How the “innocents” obtained their own baseball bats was evidently not investigated. We guess that a local protest was used by muscling-in outsiders from the Alt Right and the Antifa-Black Lives-Matter Left goon squads. You decide.

Comparing stories from varied sources is interesting: Details from the major media can be compared to the observations of a politically conservative but uninvolved Eyewitness. That comparison leaves us with some questions unanswered.

How is it now we wonder, that people can mass in the streets wearing hoods and yelling: “Black Lives Matter” to general approval but other people, peacefully assembled per witnesses, yelling “White Lives Matter” are immediately denigrated as nasty, racist, Nazi white supremacists? Of course, David Duke of KKK fame was prominently present, he didn’t enhance the image of those protesting removal of General Robert E. Lee’s stature from public view. But the “contra protesters” whose absence would have prevented the violence had prominent faces too, we suppose. We’ll never know, of course.

We were told that the protesters had a permit for their rally; we presume that the anti-protesters did not have a permit. But it was the permit holders who were expelled by the police when the violence occurred. And whom the media castigate. Possibly the presence of Democrats as mayor and governor contributed to the choice of venue for this performance? We can’t immediately recall recent similar brouhahas occurring permissively where more conservative politicians prevail.

We suspect that it is all a show, political theater aimed at inflaming the emotions of the citizens to bring about political goals that presently seem too extreme for many citizens. And so far, the manipulators have been throwing their violent torches onto pretty wet wood. But they persist.

And Charlottesville appears to be the first time that equivalent organization has joined in from the Right, which is troubling. One reason that the Left’s hired thugs have not caught on is that they have mostly been used against innocents, an unappealing advertisement. If the right will now provide its own army, both sides will grow cheering sections and the hitherto wet wood may flare up, delivering the chaos so long desired by the totalitarian Left.

The 20 year old driver who smashed into some of the Lefties is being presented as a “terrorist” by some, though others suppose he is a loner. Here, the hope is to equate the Right with Islamic users of suicide bombers. That driver came, as did thugs from both extremes, from out of town. Is he a militant, connected thug or a lone nutcase? Will we know?

The legitimate Right (and President Trump) have denounced their extremists amid indignant Left outrage that they don’t really mean their denunciations; they don’t denounce enough. Of course, the Left applauds rather than denounces its Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that apparently id different.

Here, we agree with the Left: The KKK, white supremacists et al must be loudly and repeatedly denounced by everyone. Then, having done that, those on the Right may turn and ask the Left about Antifa and BLM. Best not hold their breath awaiting those denunciations, though.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. michael Curtis says:

    Insightful as always, I have heard preliminary reports the driver had social media proclaiming himself a communist, that would put him in the left George Soros professional sign waving thug group, however I suspect it was actually an accident, as he didn’t directly hit anyone. There are stories a rock was thrown at his car and hit the front windshield, it could have caused him to swerve and hit the other car causing the damage. In any case it doesn’t look at all like the press is going to get to paint him a white killer terrorist, well facts haven’t dissuaded the media left before.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Thanks. So far, reports have painted him everything from a lone alt right nut to a victim himself, I guess. What seems real (maybe) is that he was from out of town and politically obsesses in some way. No bets on ever learning the realities, at least from m here.

      What seems scary is our increasing ability to be blase’ about ever increasing violence …

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