GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Are the Republicans a wasted vote? (Article) (How many are giving up on both parties?)

Can a president without a party govern? (Article) (Or how much do the voters really matter now?)

Food: Why U.S. “frankenchickens” have to be washed with chlorine…. (Report) (Food sentiment vs jobs)

The culture: The first brothel staffed by sex robots is opening in Barcelona?  (Is this illegal?)

A European Union attack on internet news: The E.U. aims to tax the news headlines displayed by Google, Yahoo, Drudge and other news collectors. (Report)

Brazil: 8,500 troops will be added to Rio de Janeiro police forces. (Report) (We know they have a recession and have had two corrupt presidents but what’s going on now that needs soldiers?)

South Korea is considering a nuclear arsenal of its own? (Report) (Duh!!!)

The war on cash moves forward in the U.S. (Report) (Compulsory banking ahead?)

Venezuela  voted to elect President Maduro’s minions who will remake their constitution to please Maduro. (There was no way to vote no, per reports) The U.S. condemned the “illegitimate” election. Maduro declared victory and will proceed as protesting is now killing people. Another view: It’s not socialism, it’s U.S. meddling behind all the trouble. (What about: Socialism, U.S. meddling and Venezuelan political crooks are all bad for Venezuela?) Vote totals are questioned. (Report) The Bolivar lost a third of its value in the past week (Article) House cleaning starts  (Report)

Healthcare/Congress: President Trump suggested elimination of the unique Obamacare subsidy provided Congressfolk by President Obama. (Report) (What, treat Congressfolk like the rest of us?)

Anti-Russian sanctions by Congress are finding opposition in Europe (Report)

The culture: Child sex dolls are for sale online. (Report) (What isn’t?)

More culture: A man married his laptop and is suing for state recognition and a wedding cake. (Report) (J)

Science: Sperm count ongoing decline among Western men. (Report) (Biological time bomb, if true))

More science: New hope for successful repair of spinal injuries. (Report)

Still more science: Spiders have personalities (Report) (Be careful whom you swat)

U.S. flies nuclear bombers over Korean peninsula/China massively paraded its military (Reports) (Very dangerous little boys putting chips on their shoulders)

Congress watch: The NDAA bill authorizing a huge increase in military spending also authorizes indefinite detention and liberal authorization for the use of force? It is presently blocked by Senator Rand Paul over the latter provisions. (Report)

U.S. housing: Financial shenanigans at Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac and the U.S. Treasury (Article)

Science: Researchers have located the brain switch that decides whether to store or burn fa. (Report)

Voting: Hackers attending a cybersecurity conference breached voting machines in minutes. (Report)

U.S. Virgin Islands are following Puerto Rico toward financial ruin? (Report)  (And Illinois et al too)

CNN now a cable news manufacturer? (Report) (Believing everything and nothing  now)

Trump’s lumber tariffs are now boosting price? (Article) (Du!)

Honeybee’s mysterious hive collapse syndrome seems to be waning as bees recover former numbers (Report)

The culture: A teenage girl texted suicide encouragement to her teenaged boyfriend and now 20, just received a two year jail sentence as a result of his suicide. (Report) (Does this seem wrong, somehow?)

Healthcare: The average Canadian family’s healthcare will cost $12,000 this year (Report) (And those who can, come to the U.S. for care)

China: Two chat bots were taken offline for political reeducation? (Report) (When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you)

Employment: The gains are still mostly at the bottom wages (Article) Waiters and bartenders doing well (Article)

Food: The food police have a bill in Congress banning sale of horses for human consumption in the U.S. and elsewhere. (Report) (More jos/business pushed abroad)

China threats louder as it pushes to bite off a chunk of India (Report) (Will Sikkim become Chin’s eastern Ukraine?)

Scary science: More quakes around the Yellowstone caldera (supervolcano) (Report) (Is the caldera refilling with lava?)

Military Spending: Billions more to be borrowed for new U.S. Navy submarines? (Report)

The war on cars: Cities are moving toward banning cars as self-driving vehicles approach (Report)

Snooping: Who is watching Seattle from above? (Article)

The war scenario: A top economist predicts inevitable war (Article) (And historically, a ploy to distract from impossibly mismanaged national financial failures)

Chicago: A 4 year old joined 400 other Chicago victims shot dead so far this year. (Report)

A naked passenger delayed a flight in Las Vegas. (Report) (Lost his shirt at the tables?)

And here ends another week’s worth.

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