GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannAs the week proceeded:

China/India: Will India fight, or let China bite off a chunk of Sikkim/Ladakh? Report It builds (Report)

The culture: Bathroom in the U.S. Army? Female soldiers will shower with wanna-be female men? (Report)

Science: China has introduced super muscular dogs; are genetically engineered soldiers coming? (Report) (What can happen, will happen, right? Recalling Pandora … But without her, we’d still have outdoor plumbing.)

European Union: French banks want to use Britain’s E.U. exit to displace London’s preeminence in finance? (Report)

Science corrupted: The spreading corruption of computer algorythms – Is government regulation the answer? (Article)

Chicago culture: In two years, mo high school graduation without submission of an approved post-school life plan. (Report) (You’ll need a government-approved life assignment before escape from high school is allowed?)

The climate: Top quality research continues to unwind evidently rigged global warming data. (Report)

Education: A key reason the ongoing deterioration of U.S. public education is assured. (Article)

Spain: Catalonia (Barcelona) secession emotions heating up? (Report)

The culture: Facial recognition coming to police body cameras? (Report) (What can happen, will happen ….)

There has been just one buyer of stocks since the financial crisis (Article)

Turkey is now bombing the U.S. supported Syrian Kurds across the Turkish border? (Article)

Fewer Americans are retiring? (Report) (And the middle class dissolves down …)

Iran continues nuke programs in violation of Iran Agreement? (Report) (We dunno – But if they aren’t, it will be a new historic event.)

Facebook is fighting government orders to hide government intrusion into subscriber activities. (Report) (Government seems to want to secretly monitor private activities as it pleases, on a massive scale.) A U.S. appeals court recently upheld the government. (Report)

Congress: President Trump’s budget boosted military spending; the House amplified that. (Report) (More military actions are planned, more death, damage and refugees will result, riding on more debt as the money to be spent doesn’t esist.)

U.S. Government will increase asset forfeiture. (Report) Seizing property of people who have not been accused of any crime. (Our post-Constitutional culture)

Ukraine/Russia: Update (Article)

Science: Some particles aren’t behaving in physics? (Article) (Maybe a crack in the standard model …)

“Universal Basic Income” (another free lunch at taxpayer expense) is increasingly pitched by techie billionaire lefties. (Report) (They push receiving free income, are silent on who will have to pay for it.)

A new Washington D.C. security robot fell down steps into a pond and drowned? (Report)

The corruption: Congress is still pushing pork in spending bills? (Article)

Is California bailing out Tesla at taxpayer expense? (Reort)

Facebook blocked over two dozen conservative Catholic pages? (Report) (Playing Papal politics …)

Syria: President Trump ended the CIA’s arms supplying of anti-Assad rebels? (Report) (Russia and Iran will smile.)  Applause for the move. (Article)

The climate: A Vatican archbishop said that all should accept global warming? (Report) (Reminds us of Urban VI to Galileo …)

The economy: New York City has banned dog sitting without a license to do so. (Report) (Killing off another service)

The Moon: Now that China is headed there, will the moon become a source for competing claims of ownership? (Article)

The culture: When may the state elect to supersede children’s natural parents? (Article)

Yellowstone supervolcano’s earthquake swarm is continuing; is an eruption coming? (Report) (If so, best move to Brazil)

The climate: Greenland’s ice seems unaware that it is supposed to melt … (Repport)

The Economy: The September debt ceiling dance in Congress explained with amusement and (ugh!) truth. (Article)

Venezuela: The battle continues; Mr. Maduro shows us how it’s done … (Report) The currency melts. (Report)

Chicago: 10 dead, 42 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked burglar consumed a homeowner’s whisky and blueberry muffins before alling asleep in her bed. (Report)

And so it was.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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