GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannYour fandango of fun, foibles and foolishness from the week:

The Los Angeles minimum wage is now $12 hour, on its way to the coming $15 that will ultimately apply statewide. (The state’s robot recruiting law?)

Science: Short, simple description of the expanding universe/dark energy idea. (Article) (For those who wish to sound intelligent at cocktail parties)

India’s war on cash expanded as its many taxes are replaced by a single tax on goods and services. (Report) (Hmnn … Force all transactions onto computers, then watch and extract a piece of every transaction? Governments worldwide must be drooling.)

The U.S. government does not track massive foreign aid expenditures to verify their use? (Report) (No, that would annoy the foreign officials who steal it, right?)

The childhood vaccination war: Short update (Article) (Autism and death from vaccines?)

U.S. credit card defaults are rising? (Report) (More lipstick coming off the economic pig?)

The Illinois legislature voted a 32% tax increase. (Report) (Too little, too late?) (Be the Governor vetos.)

California schools upset at sight of a bottom in the public purse? (Report) (Will they cut high school football? They’ve already cut education, years ago.)

The economy: China’s workers now face displacement by robots. (Report)

The climate: Record summer cold continues at the North Pole. (Report)

Science: Chocolate is good for cognition? (Report) (We want to believe this …)

Syria: Confusion rising re U.S. policy goals and dictator Assad’s fate? (Article) (Please make up my mind …)

Government access to private e-mail files may reach the Supreme Court. (Report)

Ex Pres Obama continued meeting foreign leaders around the world. (Report) (Has any other ex president tried to publicly mess with his successor’s U.S. foreign policy?)

The corruption: One of President Trump’s lawyers ran a religious non-profit that paid his teen son over a million dollars for serving on its board of directors? (Report) (Now under investigation?)

A Democratic senator opposes investigation of electoral fraud? (Report)

Obama’s “Dreamer” amnesty for juvenile wetbacks still operates; Texas wants it rescinded? (Report)

The culture: Trump & co. plus Soros & co. plus fake news media were spotted together at a Hamptons party? (Report) (We dunno; we weren’t there – but it’s believable; those folks are all different parts of the same basic establishment, right)

U.S./Russia: President Trump is pushing exporting of burgeoning U.S. natural gas supplies to eastern European countries that have had to depend upon Russia as sole supplier for winter heating. (Report) (A huge check on Russian influence, if it works in practice.) Trump said energy should never be used to blackmail users. (Report)

Compromising their future finances, consumers are using longer term car loans. (Report)

A man’s Fireworks intended to remove a wild bee nest burned down his garage. (Report) (That must have stung!)

Spain: Will Catalonia’s October vote support secession? (Report) (Hmnn … Cataplexit?)

San Francisco has joined the growing list of cities facing huge, unfunded pension obligations. (Report)

Google faced with another huge E.U. antitrust fine (Report) (Godvernment giveth; Godvernment taketh away … Google serves Godvernment)

The culture: Facebook billionaire Zuckerberg pushes on for a guaranteed free income for everybody. (Report) (To be paid for by everybody, but that’s never mentioned)

Tesla’s impresario Elon Musk is demanding population control before humanity overruns the planet. (Report) (Will the upcoming Model 3 feature a crystal vase with flowers?) (The ancients will get this, not the kids)

More culture: A pregnant woman was arrested for pelting her brother with frozen cupcakes? (Report) (Is this part of our rising crime rate?)

Venezuela: Government unleashes thugs onto opposition legislators? (Report) (Beautiful music in the socialist paradise …)

The culture: Fake news at CNN caught on surreptitious videos by undercover photog Project Veritas. (Report w/video) (Our parents heard news …)

U.S./No. Korea: “U.S. will use force on North Korea if we must” (Report) (Like kicking a skunk?)

Chicago: More than 100 people were shot over the July 4th weekend. (Report)

The climate: A leading climate change alarmist now faces contempt of court charges for refusing to provide his data to the court in a defamation case he has filed against a leading climate change denier? (Report)  (Wanna bet on when the media will report this one?)

More climate: A peer reviewed study found that nearly all of the warming cited by alarmist has been added to the actual data by adjustments made by the climate alarmists? (Report)

Still more climate: Greenland has recorded the coldest July 4th ever recorded in the northern hemisphere at that latitude? (Report) (Yeah, but how about July 3rd and 5th?)

India/China: The long standing but recently quiet Chinese claim to a chunk of India is front and center again? (Report) (With its South China Sea aggression, this leaves only China’s Russian boundary, also subject to claims, presently quiet.)

The environment: While a Colorado resident slept, a bear spent five hours ransacking his home. (Report)

The economy: June growth in government jobs outstripped manufacturing 35 to 1. (Report) (And manufacturing creates wealth while government consumes it, right?)

A 5.8 Montana earthquake directed attention –again- toward the Yellowstone supercaldera. (Report)

The culture: Strong support for child marriage is preventing a proposed California ban? (Report)

More culture: Now we burn buildings to protest property ownership? (Report)

Science: The first battery-free cell phone! (Now, if they can just scale it up …)

More science: Psychopath show up on brain scans? (Report) (Orwellian potential …)

 President Trump’s views horrify many E.U. leaders – but apparently please no few E.U. citizens?  (Report) (Might make the Prez feel at home there …)

The culture: A British man has given birth to a baby? (Report) (Yeah, really. What’s the kid gonna call him?)

Political cartoon: Artist’s impression of failed socialist states. (Humor for non-socialists)

A naked man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a cop. (Report)

From this week’s slice of life …


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